Andi is Bidding Farewell to Vainglory



This is how they treat people?!?! Glad I havent spent money on this game since 2.9


SEMC in my eyes is so quick to dish out weird things without communicating them properly. :confused:

That said, I’ve never heard of Andi before, sorry to say.

Sad to see someone having to go out like that.


Andi (officially, her name is “Andromeda”) is a Discord bot I started way back in early 2017 as a way to teach myself JavaScript and to add some useful features to my Vainglory guild’s Discord. SEMC opened up the API to 3rd party devs within just a few days of me starting the bot, so I decided to try to see if I could get her to show match stats instead of having to post screenshots after every match. The rest, as they say, was history. Lol.

I really enjoyed the experience, and I accomplished both of my goals: teaching myself JavaScript and adding the features I wanted to my Discord. It was hugely rewarding to know that lots of other people (thousands of them!) found her useful enough to add her to their own Discords! So even though things ended badly, I think the experience as a whole was a positive one.

Andi’s not done. I’ve got big plans for her – they just don’t involve Vainglory any more.


Good luck to you I say! May the bot live on till it has had its fill.


Oh semc just said fuck you hazel lol. They done bruh.


RIP, semc should their issues first tbh. And they wonder why vets are complaining a lot.


Wow. SEMC is really handling the community badly. We criticize the game because we want to see it improve, but I guess they only want to hear that they’re perfectly fine as-is (even though we all know it’s not true).
RIP Andi, she’ll be missed dearly. @hazeleyes I look forward to seeing what’s next for Andi


Wait so you are the creator of Andromeda and because you stated your opinion, they decided to give you an ultimatum to be fake and support every action they do or to leave the program.

Wow just wow


well, to be fair . . . you are pretty “negative” towards SEMC and VG . its a shame they don’t see it as constructive criticism, rather than just being negative. They are creating a “bubble of positivity” by making such a rule in their guidelines. You could almost call it a cult - like culture, where people who disagree are weeded out.

Good on you for staying true to how you really feel.

Good on you for staying positive~!

And I’m sure Andi’s future is very bright~! She’ll continue to help thousands of discord user’s.


lmfao. That’s all. Well, it’s cool that you made Andi. Super cool. As for the situation? Lmfao.


Shun the nonbelievers

Or just kick them out of your communities lol


Well that’s a real shame but what can you do that’s Semc in a nutshell, they’re stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to proper feedback will get their game killed. Maybe consider migrating Andi to another game ? Perhaps Pubg mobile would be a good opportunity to work on another project.


The only reason I have Discord anymore was Andi, with no exaggeration.

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that constructive criticism is met with such ignorance. You mean to tell me one of the few people paying their own money and time to keep open a community run forum, that SEMC shut down in the first place, is “neither positive or encouraging” ?

Lmfao SEMC, choose one. Pretend this place doesn’t exist or actually read it. Frankly, this selective listening is bullshit. It is not all sunshine and rainbows, despite whatever you may see on Reddit.


Or just shut down entire media platfor - oh wait.


I said it the other day and I’ll say it again: just stop talking. Don’t say a damn thing. Let numbers and trends speak for themselves. My new policy is if they can’t figure out what’s right or wrong without being told, maybe our faith and money or time shouldn’t be with them.



But I wonder if HipsterSkaarf is held under restrictions against his opinions.


Nope. If you have a question for me, I’ll gladly answer it, which is something I’ve said before.

Personally, I’m really sad to see Andi go. It’s a really special project, and, knowing @hazeleyes, it was always fun for me to get invited to a new discord server and see Andi already there, even if hazel wasn’t. It’s really great how wide it reached, and how often players used it.

A couple things on the VCP - it’s not intended to be a positivity bubble, or to demand positivity about anything specifically. I get that it can seem that way, especially for people feeling salty, or are surrounded by saltiness, but it’s not trying to silence people who have legit gripes or enforce fake enthusiasm. I think that’s an unfair assessment of it. It’s encouraging people to be productive conduits for the game. Personally, I think criticism can be very productive, if delivered the right way, and I’d like to think the VCP can accommodate this. If you look someone like Xenotek, for instance, he plays so often that his streams will usually catch some gameplay bug or highlight ways the meta/balance needs improvement. VCP doesn’t require him to say those aren’t problems. It’s just that he can point out the problems while still remaining enthusiastic about the game and advocating for it, and for new players to try it out.

Anyway, again, I’m sad Andi’s leaving VG, but I’m excited to see what new form it takes. Hazel’s super dedicated, so whatever it ends up doing, it’ll be awesomely overkill in the best way.


Any good idea on what to play then?
Their new and improved policies will alienate the hardcore players.


I didnt want to tag you cuz it was my thought out of curiosity.

Im just being negative because I dont like how SEMC is handling things and taking actions.

It honestly makes me confused.

Anyways Ive been playing Pixel Starships which has piqued my interest with a combination of Fallout Shelter, Space, RPG styles. And I only play Vg when I have a team to play with.

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