An odd request, i have

can someone give me the source image for Joule leaps’ profile pic pls

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Got u fam

It’s the header image from her second lore story if u want the sauce

it’s weird to see the full Joule when I’m used to that tiny square


Pretty sure that is a younger Joule. Not the current Joule kek So ig we still have not really seen full Joule as she is

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thx m8

three zero

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No problem qt :wink:

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nah Joule is Canonically like 16 years old
She led a bunch of younger kids to steal a big boi mech and then fled to the Halcyon Fold or something

So TECHNICALLY school days Joule is also regular joule…
But of course SEMC had to discredit the work and card farming I did to get Joule’s T3 by renaming it School Days Joule