An LPQ problem/doubt

I am having a problem with the low priority queue,i have been banned for no reason…Yesterday i was playing with Inara and managed to score a lot of kills,and after a few matches i decided to log off,and today,when i decided to play some vainglory before starting my normal daily chores and was greeted with this image

And before i got this LPQ wait,it also told me i have been placed in LPQ for afk’ing,witch is the first thing you see when you report a player…Since i didn’t do anything wrong i’m here to ask if it’s possible to ban a player if lots of toxic people report you for the same problem even though it didn’t actually happen…I will wait the 75mins (plus 25 mins due to blitz gamemode time),but i’m just curious to know if it was me or a bunch of toxic and salty players that placed me here just because i won flawlessly.

My device is an Ipad 2
My operating system is Ios

Yes, you can be placed in LPQ because of reports, but It requires huge amounts to trigger such a hard punishment (5 matches for 15min). Thats strange and not something just 3 players could do.

Have you tried sending an email to the game support to ask for this? Maybe they can tell you what happened.


Yeah - to add to what @Guest_78 has said, this is a very significant LPQ - I have not seen such a strong ban. I imagine you’ve been placed on LPQ before? I believe my worst was a 3 match ban with 3 min wait each - and this is my only account.

One thing another forumer didn’t realize, is that declining matches or not accepting them counts as a “dodge”. So if you’ve ever dodged in draft, declined a match, or left your phone/device and not gotten back in time to accept a match, all of these things trigger LPQ that don’t require any reporting. Something else to consider!


+1 to what’s been said - If this was LPQ for things like dodges, or even end-of-game downvotes, you’d have probably seen less severe LPQs before getting the 15x5 version, which is the most severe of the LPQs. It would be odd if this is the first LPQ you’ve gotten.

The only other explanation I can think of is if you’ve been trolling in games and got manually reported, with screenshots, through SEMC’s support site. If you’ve been intentionally losing (running down mid or something), or using racist/derogatory language, or similar, it’s possible you got a manual punishment issued. But if you haven’t been doing those things, then maybe send a note through the same report site and explain the situation.


Hold up, you’re saying that declining a match increases the chances of you getting a LPQ?

It does (and has for quite some time).


Well,i’ve used some custom builds and all but i basically never “troll” in matches…especially if it’s ranked…

I’ve dodged once or twice but never to the point that it was an actual 15mins for 5 matches…

Actually i’m not surprised that it hit 15 mins…my last rencent LPQ was 11mins for 3 matches so maybe they scaled it up…

Well there you go. They’ll scale up, so… stop doing whatever you’re doing to get LPQ lol


I’ll echo everyone here: you’re clearly doing something wrong, and you yourself admit that you’ve been warned about it through being placed in LPQ previously.

I mean, come on.

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Well if you won’t take my word for it,thats fine.I just wanted to know if it was possible for a large number of reports to penalize you,now if i actually did something wrong (sleepwalking,maybe) thats another story.

Yes, its to stop people that enjoy wasting everyone’s time by contantly declining.