An INTERESTING pattern with the new balance patch

Before saying anything, let me show you this.

47.4% Winrate (Adagio) - Buff
51.7% Winrate (Anka) - Nerf
53.1% Winrate (Cath) - Nerf
53% Winrate (Celeste) - Nerf
55.4% Winrate (Fortress) - Nerf
51% Winrate (Grace) - Nerf
47.9% Winrate (Grumpjaw) - Buff
50.7% Winrate (Gwen) - Change
45.5% Winrate (Kensei) - Buff
43.9% Winrate (Lance) - Buff
54.4% Winrate (Phinn) - Nerf
48.7% Winrate (Reim) - Buff
44.2% Winrate (Rona) - Buff
52.1% Winrate (Tony) - Nerf
48.4% Winrate (Varya) - Buff
49.4% Winrate (Vox) - Change
50% Winrate (Kinetic) - LMAO NO CHANGES F A M :ok_hand::100: :100: :joy: :b: roke :ok_hand:

There’s a clear pattern here. The balancing was correlates almost exactly with the global winrates we can find on VGPro. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Win rate is one way to see if something is strong, but that isn’t always the case.

I’m sure we can all agree that Adagio DID NOT need that buff. He’s already a very strong top laner.
I’m sure we can agree that Kinetic needs to be removed from the game. Or nerfed. She’s oppressive if played with a decent level of skill.
I disagree with a lot of these balance changes (particularly with Varya. She’s the only mid laner I can play and her late game was godly. Why did you buff it even further?). A lot of us players do. If the game is being balanced on pure winrates (which I hope to god it isn’t), this is going to be a rough ride for those of us who actually play the game (unlike the new balancing team).
Just wanted to throw this out there. IDK where it should go category wise but I wanted to avoid saltmine because I feel like this is important to point out.


Thank you for putting that side by side. 'wish I still had it in me to get worked up over this, actually, but once disappointment becomes the norm…

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already knew this. but thanks for the comparison.

it’s less brain power required to balance. win rate low? buff something. win rate high? nerf something.

buff and nerf different things each patch, just to make it look professional. In reality, they just roll the dice… ummm and Errr abit… scratch a few heads and then put some numbers together.

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With Nivmett moving on all we have left is Zekent,
Though we may not have always agreed with Nivs buffs and nerfs we can certainly state that balancing was rather well done.

This patch is the last one he worked on. For next patch there were only some suggestions and then its Zekent all the way…

The balancing team doesn’t play the game except for nivmett so all their balancing is based on win rates, for very basic heroes that are easy to play its a good representation but for complexe heroes like kensei it can be misleading and therefore instead of getting nerfed he got buffed

Good to know that SM Kinetic will probably whoop Silvernail’s ass too