Am i the only one?

Am i the only one waiting for Blizzard to make its grand entrance into the mobile gaming industry? I feel like its coming soon and as there one of my favorite companies I can only expect great things.

Yes, I realize they do have hearthstone but I was thinking along of the lines as mobas, and diablo like games for mobile.

Given that Tencent, the company that owns Blizzard, created AoV, I doubt they would make one in the future mainly because it would forcefully split profits between their apps.

Tencent holds less than a 5% stake in Activision/Blizzard, fyi.


Oh sorry about that, I mixed up Blizzard and Riot.

What would be interesting is if they were able to make something a FPS on mobile (the only time a virtual joystick is acceptable), like maybe an OW port.

Though they do own Riot entirely, Tencent seems to have realized that Riot largely know what they’re doing and have left them to keep doing it.

Lord, I don’t know how OW would ever work on mobile without some kind of controller! (Though I’m far better with mouse/kb in all FPS games, OW included.)

Not saying it’s not going to happen, especially as mobile hardware continues to improve performance-wise …

I just wanna see Diablo for mobile that completely changes the arpg style for mobiles… These arpgs now days are just levels with some crappy pvp going on and 80 percent of the games your not facing a person in real time in pvp.

I think that accelerometer controls are the space that could work here.

It’s not on the blizzard site anymore but I remember hearing some related news and I found this quote in an article.

“Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a talented FX artist to help us create exciting visual effects for an unannounced project for mobile.”

This was also listed as one of the job descriptions:

“Passion for creating imagery synonymous with the Warcraft IP”

Of course by no means does that mean a MOBA but obviously they are planning something.

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Unless they are idiots (and it’s patently obvious they are NOT), they are watching the mobile space VERY closely. I would be stunned if they don’t have several things in development for mobile. What will see the light of day … who knows?

With the tremendous success of Overwatch League, esports is huge for them right now, so a mobile MOBA seems like a good possibility.