Am I the only one who doesn't notice any speed buff?

The new items pulsewave and capacitor plate have movement speed bonuses but I do not notice them in the slightess. I’ve noticed the movement speed boost in tornado trigger but I don’t feel like pulsewave or capacitor plate actually gives movement speed bonuses. Is there any video actually showing the difference in movement speeds that could confirm for me the passives work?

I’m in the opposite situation, the one I don’t notice is the TT one.

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I sometimes use Pulsewave on carries like Ringo. You get funny fast, and kiting becomes so easy.
Definitely a very noticeable change for me.

you will notice it as a spun up saw.
aside from that, does anyone now how much bonus move speed you get? it isnt stated in the app.

I wanna say 10% but that might be wrong

10% is the passive bonus from the globe thingy.
but is it also the speed bonus you get from getting a hit?

I have noticed the buff from Pulseweave, probably haven’t played the other items enough to tell.