Am I the only one that got this? [forum tutorial certificate]

Yay I got the certificate from the forum bot by completing all the tutorial steps since I have nothing better to do.

Do I get a cookie with it too?

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you can see who else got the badge in thee bbadge page. idk hoow to start the adv tutorial tho

Aha thanks. 94 including me that actually sit there and follow the bots teaching haha.

Edit to get another badge :slight_smile:

I didn’t even know there was a tutorial.

Ew that’s not even the advanced one

If you ask forumbotmatch (in that same conversation) “start advanced user” you’ll get the next tutorial. :slight_smile:

Also, moved your post and edited the title to be a bit more clear.

I got it less than 30m joining the forum without knowing anything about badges. Advance level, next!

Everyone should have this, go do your tutorials people! :thinking:

lol didn’t even know that tutorial was a thing until today. lucky it popped up on suggested posts. I’ve just been winging it when learning how to do anything.

Haha. Go for it and the advance user one too. Good stuff.

how do you get the advance one :thinking:

You have to know the meaning of life before you can begin the fabled advanced tutorial

or you can just send the bot this message in the convo

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