Alpha's early game is still ridiculous

SEMC seriously needs to nerfs the base damage of her abilities at early levels cause Alpha is still THE most broken level 2 hero in the game rn. At least in 3v3 she is. She practically ruins 3v3 by herself

She falls off pretty hard late game though.

If it wasn’t for her early/midgame strength she would be potatoe.

The problem is if her team can take advantage of her broken level 2 then Alpha can snowball harder than most if not the entire roster, which renders the lategame overall irrelevant

The biggest thing with fighting Alpha is to not let her get into a sustained trade. You need to do as much damage as you can quickly and get out, because she WILL outsustain you.

Other tips include moving around to juke her A ability, as she loses the cost reduction on her B if you do. Better stil, bait her into using it when it’ll put her underneath your turret.

I’ve played Alpha since her release and she has ALWAYS been a powerful sustained WP fighter. Her CP variant trades the sustain for higher burst and more frequent ult uptime. Regardless, you need to dodge and outplay as opposed to just standing there fighting.

Alpha WANTS you to stand and fight. Because you WILL NOT win unless you’re Krul in a flat out 1v1.

You must poke run and repeat an alpha when she dies first barrage her with all you got

I played a 5v5 casual against alpha, which died under our turret, tanked 3 hits, rebooted and still had a slither of health left to run away and fight another day…

seriously, its not the damage that needs a nerf… its her insane sustain.

Honestly if her reboot health scaled with cp or wp with base of 50% and Max of 75% would be amazing

There’s a few heroes that beat her at lvl 2. Cp Bf, Skye unless you mess up and with her CD nerfs that’s easier, Reim doesn’t win lvl 2 as he can not chase her and if he has boots he just dies to her but she wouldn’t engage herself either as then he would win, Taka unless you get hit with 3 stacks A but then he can just steal farm and run away, Rona, Krul and of course Koshka all win a lvl 2 fight

The problem is that u are looking at 1v1s. In a team fight the team with Alpha will almost ALWAYS early in and if they are good they will use that to snowball the game HARD which Alpha does way too well

Team fight with alpha cc the main forces while 2 hero’s pound alpha

You’re right for some of the ones I mentioned but not the case for others. Bf has very good secure so shouldn’t lose elder treant and is very strong in 3v3 as well. Skye depends on her laner and roam a lot as she lacks AoE but she can just back off. Realistically though you are right she would have problems at that stage. Reim as I said needs first shop then he can win 1v1 or 2v2 but as long as he doesn’t overextend he shouldn’t be afraid she wouldn’t attack. Taka can kill enemy laner before Alpha in most cases. As I said if it doesn’t go as planned he can escape and counter jungle. Rona skill match up due to her messing up once might get her killed but even if she loses Alpha wouldn’t snowball her most of the time, Rona should always win 1v1. Krul will most likely lose the first teamfight that’s true. But then again very very strong secure (+disengage if you know how to Krul). Shouldn’t have any problem snowballing Alpha after that himself. Koshka no need for words. And really if you can not win lvl 2 fight don’t commit to it in the first place.

She’s a little cancerous, sure there are hero’s who counter her 1v1 but when you’re involved in a team fight she’s a nightmare. Actually surprised that her WP can do that much DMG (with a SB), she can hit like a truck!

Does she need some tweaks? Probably, for someone with two lives and a built in sustain she’s a little too tanky.

Yeah sure let’s give her yet another nerf after the three consecutive ones she already got lol

Some heroes are just built for brawling. If your hero can’t duel her, then don’t…?
This is a team game, if you want to 1v1 a brawler then don’t complain about how they’re “unbeatable”, that’s on your end bud.

A little late for this post lol