Alpha the gapcloser

Alpha is a sustain monster we all know that.
She has great damage stickiness and lifesteal.

She ia very powerful this patch and that doesn’t bother me.

What does bother me is her gap closing range.

I just got smashed by an alpha who zoned me out of every fight by a screen width. Once she connects disconnecting is nigh impossible. She has the longest gap closer in the game her A which is rather easy to hit even though it is a gap closer skillshot.

As a squishy carry there is no escaping her. Not even with 2 reflex blocks and JB can you fight safely in a teamfight she can just jump on you from the other side of the screen.

Should her A range/cd be nerfed? Right now she seems to have no downsides and is the tankiest hero in the game.

In draft there aren’t enough bans. Too many broken heroes too many instant win hard counters imo.


My main heroes don’t have too much of a probelm -
Vox - A out of line of sight
Taka - A then B
Gwen - RB/B
Lyra (:laughing:) - B
Baptise - B and/or ult

Alpha is pretty strong but the only gap closer that’s giving me issues is Taka
Who were you playing?


Gwen I played and I had RB and Skedaddle. Disengaging is impossible!

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She is too sticky and kiting her is a bit difficult if you are not vox or Skye. Her A has greater range than Celestes A which lets her dive easily unless bodyblocked. Other sustain bruisers/tanks like krul, reim and Rona can be kited more easily than alpha. The only sustain hero more sticky than alpha is ozo whose kit is full of gap closers but he is not as tanky as alpha


Yeah… Screw that monkey. Nerf him :wink: . Whether Alpha is nerfed or not.

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Nooooo, Leave him alone. He is the only jungler I am good at and the most fun to play

No zo no ozo nerf
Nozo nozo nozo


Alpha is annoying, she has huge stickiness in game, if you don’t get support from your jungler or roam your screwed.

You simply can’t 1v1 her, even if you kill her you can’t drop her during her reboot so your sure to die during her second life.

It’s more noticeable in 5v5 because the maps so much bigger and it’s harder to collapse on her as a team.

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I’d like to add that late game she does great AEO DMG and during grouped up team fights it’s impossobel to avoid her gap closure (she’ll hit someone). Her B cooldown with an AS is brutal…

I’m off to play some alpha :slight_smile:

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Use reim and watch her gets smashed while reim laughs with his fortified health


Reim lane is situational choice, bit like saying lane Krul etc.

I usually use top lane reim. He has good sustain and farm in lane and can also roam a lot too (assuming the your lane is safe)



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I’m ok with the Range, I think it’s a bit easy to land. I’d add a tiny bit more delay to her A to increase the skill to land those max range gap closes.

This thread has also made me realize that for the heroes who offer displacement abilities, only really Lance is meta/offers displacement of value to deal with Alpha. Think about it, Lyra’s teleport isn’t really a reliable displacement, Ozo ult 'works" but it’s Ozo, Glaive is outclassed right now and I haven’t seen many Grumpjaws using his Stuffed to help allies with peel.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a displacement assassin or bruiser brought into the game as a counter to heavy dive. I think it would solve a lot of the OP Kosh, Krul, Alpha, BF stuff without having to nerf all of them.

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Glaive is doing great. He is not outclassed. He has the longest displacement in the game and can knock alpha off a target after her A jump displacing her out of range.

Baptiste with his Ult is an answer.

Lance can shut her down but not take her down and he cannot escape or disengage her.

So Glaive is your best bet right now. Ssw or Cd CP glaive.

IMO the early game heroes like Krul and Koshka shit on Glaive.

Have you played glaive?

I can handle both of them with SSW crit glaive.

Guess Alpha’s A doesn’t need to be nerfed. Play her counters :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t played Glaive in 5v5, but I’ve been destroying them. As Glaive you’re winning the level 1 and 2 skirmishes against Koshka?

Yes I am.
Glaive is all about positioning. Play safe and knock your enemy into a nasty spot

Going into game now vs koshka and alpha as glaive.

Double CC with Lance works to shut enemies down.
Lance is even better than I thought.