Alpha Skin Idea/ Batiste

i think the alpha skins are all too similar in theme with these dolls and style compared to some of the other characters in artwork I.e ardan lance adagio etc I also noticed while looking through the skins that Batiste “gets no love” with just 1 skin. Churnwalker is just a badass and needs nothing else, lol.

Idea for Alpha: I think another skin should be “android/cyborg” theme again. Maybe an updated, high contrast colors( dark theme) accent piece or key focus point being cybernetic hair, sword and eyes

Idea for Batiste: well he wields a scythe for crying out loud and is a master of dark majic. A Necromancer style artwork with a glowing green scythe or angel of death theme with wings would be awesome and of course a bad ass scythe.

What do you guys think?

I’d love to see a crossover Alpha skin like this: Red from Transistor

Instabuy. Even at 10K ICE.


Wow! Yeah that’s a pretty sweet.

I’ll take “Things I didn’t know I wanted” for 100 ICE, Alex. :rotating_light:

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I want Alpha to be more robotic futuristic with lightning saber with great splash art.

I want Baptiste to have a kind of dark theme like dracula summoning bats for his ult.

I’ve played this game.

Instabuy is in order, indeed.

I’d totally love an Alpha skin with more futuristic details.
But also, I’d like to see a skin of Alpha before the Stormqueen made her a robot, like just Diasy.
It would be a rare but could be one of the best skins in the game.

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But… How would she explode? :smile:

Why explode when she could implode? She could be so futuristic she collapses space-time in on herself and… I don’t know where this is going

@dream Okay, now tell me another story.

…What!? What?! What, what!? WHAT?

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thirty charaaacterssss

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if semc would make a transistor skin her ult would probably be similar to the function ()spark or ()cull

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Me and some other guys were talking about alpha’s ***** or die skin. We asssumed she would be a lawn mower. Her either being a pull of the cord or grass growing but long around the target. The ult would be the explosion with fire and oil from the movies. I forgot the b and i don’t think that it even had a name or turned into alpha at all… but still top quality

That’s why my idea will never release in the game :’^)

Specifically Frankie made Daisy a robot but he did it because the Stormqueen commanded him to do it(?

She activates a suit of stun grenades and that stuns her, aka her reboot