Almost certainly done with VG. Bye bye

So I haven’t been playing much and I’m 99% certain that except once, every time I come back to play VG (I play maybe once in two weeks now? Idk) that it’s been a horrible experience. I’m not talking about noobs, I don’t think that’s really a bad thing or like a thing that can be controlled. I’m talking about toxicity and afks. Like how is that even possible? Every single time.

Today, I thought hey, it’s been awhile. There’s 2 poeple online XD so I go solo on that OG 3v3. Side note, it took 5v5 to come for me to realize how good 3v3 is! First game two instalocks, sure. Again nothing really wrong there, can’t be helped, well… anyway, it’s a SAW and a Krul. Sure, I can play Adagio, got a new skin anyway. SAW comes to lane, afk after first wave. After he is marked as afk, I can’t surrender. Why is that exactly? He comes back way later and of course the way the game is designed, there’s no coming back from that which makes the inability to surrender beyond stupid. Krul trolls l
can’t really blame him, game was over anyway.

So I’m like nah, fluke. No way this happens every time and I know it happens every time because I drop the game for some time every time I pick it up again. Queue again, wow immediately roam softlock? Things lookin up eh. CP BF, i was torn between SAW and Vox but I thought, let’s not give the roam a hard time so I lock my main. Roam switches from Catherine and locks Baptiste CP.

Sure, baptiste works and I’m sure the cp was an auto thing. Nope. Full CP Baptiste. I believe he went glass till late game. The only reason we won is because enemy had no roam either and literally all of them went glass till late. We were still losing though, BF surely had a hard time against Krul and Reim, our junglers were severely under gold but then enemy Vox afks. It’s like how shit has this game gotten to that that seems to be like the standard. Really a shame. It’s still a damn good game and I still enjoy it. Too bad it’s a shitfest that doesn’t get cleaned.

Tldr: bye bye

Not sure where to post this, overall environment seems like the closest.

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I think SEMC is going to make some communication changes in the future. Probably near future. That would help a lot of these issues. It must be obvious to them that the ping system the way it is isn’t effective after so many iterations.

I feel your pain, but if you still enjoy the game, maybe you just need a break from it?

Taking a break would be much better suited in the long run if you still enjoy the game, @Aesthete18. The game has some things to be ironed out, and it’s unfortunate that you’ve run into so many problems regarding AFKs and trolling.

But why did CP Baptiste give you such a hard time? Remember part of the ‘issue’ a lot of us face at times is that we disagree or don’t exactly understand why a player is choosing to do what they’re doing.

If you return, don’t expect it everything to be perfect - that’ll make you feel worse. Try to understand this game will most likely always have its share of issues, as do most MOBA and / or team-based games.

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I think a break might be the best thing for you, although, I think (hope… pray… plead…) that some anti-trolling and UI improvements will be coming soon, so you should keep up with the news and check back in when you can.

Whenever I’m feeling a bit burnt out, but am still really digging the art and lore and stuff of the game, I fall back on making fan art or watching streams or thinking about gameplay guides. I think the game and community have tons to offer and keep someone entertained, so even when the gameplay itself isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, the VG world on the whole is still engrossing.

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AFKs are out of our control. It sucks that you deal with them constantly. What tier are you exactly if this is so common? I rarely deal with afks or trolls

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Pretty much the reason why 90-95% of my matches consist of at least a three player party.

5v5 SoloQ is literally Bing Bong players everywhere ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

@TheInterpreter I am on break constantly. I’ve played like maybe around 20 games since 2.12? Afks were never a problem for me but now it seems to be more frequent. Toxicity always has been a problem.

@dream I rarely be as it is so it can be considered a break. When someone softlocks Catherine and indicates roam, then changes it after everyone has locked, I do consider that toxic.

@HipsterSkaarf As mentioned above I rarely play as is. So might as well. I might still play if there’s a full 3 man party or something with guild, many new skins I haven’t got a chance to play. I’ll keep up with the news here and Reddit. I’m dabbling in LoL so if that sticks I’ll probably be out for good.

@NinjaBryden I should be in Hotness MMR but visual tier is CT

Wow you must have some bad luck. The game really is not as bad as u think. I guess you just keep getting bad games. Either that or t6 and 7 became super cancerous

Yeah I don’t mind the bad games here and there but when I go, hey it’s been awhile and I pick up the game and my first couple of games are bad, then I gots to go!

@Aesthete18 What game modes are you playing in? Are you playing ranked, casual 5v5? I’m curious as to how you’re coming across such a large amount of atrocity within your teammates.

Firstly I hate spam pings so that’s already a bit of difficulty. I just can’t focus with all the damn noise.

It’s not that much of problems. I only play a couple of games in 2 weeks or so and it occurs each time. So it’s not that many games.

I play rank 3v3

It sounds like you’re just letting tilt get the best of you, honestly. I hope the best for you though, and to see you return eventually. Things will improve!

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Never! The end is nigh and we shall seek flight!


There is an option to mute the player who is spamming pings so it won’t distract you.


I never could. Idk I needed to know what they were doing.

Well the best thing to do to avoid toxic teammates is to party with your friends or (known in-game friends) and maybe also use discord voice chat while partying with them to have better communication.

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For me I just don’t find the game enjoyable or fun anymore which is sad to say. I’ve played a couple of 5v5 matches and I still didn’t enjoy it, hell I still rather play League in Turkey server with @god (and Christ the people there are worse than anything VG has seen). Despite the dumb stuff we’ve seen on that server it’s still fun to play.

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So since the day I posted this thread I haven’t played a single game. Today, I had to burn off 20 minutes and I thought imma do 1 game. Game starts, enemy Cath goes afk about 5 minutes in, and stays AFK till like the last fight. WP Ringo was apologetic even though I don’t really think he was doing anything wrong - that’s nice. WP was toxic and I not an “Aes too sensitive to pings” toxic. He was thumbing up when he died, blaming Ringo for some reason and I guess me. Finally, the enemy actually won without Cath.

It’s a real testament to the game that it can survive on its gameplay while everything is just shit.