Allow Patreon Badge as an option for User Card Badge

Title. Could be neat. Thirty characters.

The only reason we haven’t made much of that option is that that feature appears to be slated for destruction in an upcoming release of Discourse.

That said, I don’t see why we can’t enable that while it lasts …

EDIT: as soon as I find the blasted option in the admin dashboard …

That’s really odd, but I understand. Ok.

So is it that the User Cards are being removed, or just the ability to place a badge within them?

Just the extra badge image on the card is going away. The developers feel that it’s been supplanted by the avatar flair and is no longer needed.

I suppose that’s fair, but it lets us show off two badges this way also…?

So it goes

grunting as Camus intensifies

speaking of which, where is this option? I was trying to find it during the Reza vs Gwen battle, but I only found the usercard one.

Edit: Now it’s showing up ??? it wasn’t there yesterday… ignore this then… …