Allies skill tier no longer displayed on loading screen

So your allies skill tier used to be displayed while loading into a game however this feature has been removed recently without any announcement or explanation behind it. What could be the reason ? I say they realized how crap the matchmaker is and can’t seem to find a fix at the moment so they wanna hide skill tiers so players are less negative when they get into games and basically not be like “oh my jungler is tier 5 gg we lost”.

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i heard its a bug , but i think its intentional !
i wanted it back because atleast i prepare myself for unskilled player instead of waiting them getting full build and they still bad !


Yeah it really blows that we can’t see it anymore.

May SEMC be shortlived…

Playoffbeard pulled out before they could blame him for crashing the train…

Its last seasons rank, so it doesn’t really mean anything for the game being played at the time.

Most likely a bug; But if it were intentional the likely reason is people getting salty if the tiers for their team are lower than them for the previous season. Which usually leads to a very salty game.

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Thioe tiers where from last season, not the current one. I guess semc did that because people like yoi would confusw it with the current tier they are in and then get salty and start blaming semc for “matchmaking”. Honestly though semc should at least display the CURRENT tier on the vs screen because at least you know your team ACTUALLY sucks and they werent just noobs. Also what if im grinding really hard and i make it to like i dont know… Tier 8? I dont want my tier 4 to be there when im in a match with a bunch of tier 8 people and they think the match system missed up again lol


I think displaying skill tiers makes for an overall more negative experience. If you get matched with someone whose previous season rank was much lower than yours, you start the game tilted. What does that do for you? It’ll only make you more likely to lose.

Its not a bug, Night walker addressed it in a redit post back a couple days ago

I think displaying your current skill tier would make more sense but if they reset it every season then it makes less sense.

Link please …

I would love to, but as stated, it was a while back and i really would love not to look through pages and pages for a comment. Idk if u can look up her reddit profile and look for her comments tab…