All VG problems (according to me)


  1. I don’t mean SEMC make a bad job. All what they do, they do good. Here I mean their ideas are bad(
    2)I know I should put it in “Vainglory discussion” but anyway, I want SEMC to read it.
    3)forgiv mu bad englisch (I have only learned it at school) and bad formating

This topic is compilation of all vainglory problems that I, personally, dislike the most. SEMC should fix them, in order not to make new players think game is another sh!tty Mobile Legends copy.

you are not l33t, n00b. ©Alpha

SEMC idea was to make a hardcore game for mobile devices. To show, that mobile gamers deserve better.
Vainglory was supposed to be e-sports, true competition.
Here is my story:
I was looking for a game that will become a part of my life. A game, that I will become addicted to. It had to be competitive game like DOTA 2. But my dinosaur PC from 2005 couldn’t run it, and I was 12 years old (much older now, 13) so I can’t afford myself I PC or console (I live in Ukraine, salaries here are not very big, and you may know, we have some political problems now, so my parents will never buy me new one).
I started with Mobile Legends and immediately understood that it was clickbaty sh!t that I could make on Unity. I googled, and the first result for “MOBA for android” was Vainglory. I couldn’t have it installed from google play, because “unsupported on your device™”.

all I see are shadows and lies

Vainglory is a game that was incredibly good for mobile, but there are a lot of small problems, and together they make game worse. So Technical problems:

Sometimes you have to do it yourself

And here we meet the first problem. GP says that game is unsupported even on devices where it runs pretty good. I am a sort of hacker so I easily installed .obb file and it worked. But soon my friends learned about this game and they are not hackers at all, so after every update I had to meet them and install the game manually (Thank you school).

If you don’t move I will burn a hole in you and walk through ©Varya

Game runs out every time something happens. You can’t go to another app for just a second. I can’t count how many games I lost because of it. Can you, SEMC, imagine that on mobile device sometimes you have to answer a call or a message. Especially it’s bad for IOS and 4-year old android devices where you can’t answer from statusbar. Reconnection take up to minute. I got bad carma and my teamKestrel

Oh look, there went my patience
This game has never seen hotfixes. Not sure if you met a bug immediately after Lorelai release that made game with her impossible. The bug was that half of your screen went black for a second when Lorelai used her A skill. Devs knew about this problem (they replied to my e-mail to their support). I even saw this bug while teams played for Evil Eight. I can name many other bugs that needed to be fixed immediately, but I had to wait for a month till the next patch.

You’re talented. Stupid, but talented
Talents… It was supposed to be funny. But then I heard “upgrade”. That’s where it gone wrong. Talents are imbalanced AF. I don’t understand why some talents try to be balanced (e.g. +50% damage +50% cooldown) while others are just making you stronger (+50% damage -50% cooldown). Wth SEMC? Talents are the only thing making VG noncompetitive. This is PAY-TO-WIN.

Nothing but originals.

5V5… I rarely watch e-sports. But I watched that broadcast when they announced 5V5. I was incredibly hyped. But soon I understood, that it will just make Vainglory look like another sh!tty Mobile Legend copy.
Because all MOBAs are 5V5. They said that we had asked for it. But! Firstly, I never asked (explanations below). Secondly, if SEMC hadn’t made something really new, players would leave. This game has been holding me for about a year just because I was waiting for revolution.

_I’ve heard your prayers… And ignored them.
New UI looks like AoV (that has no difference with ML).
EVERYONE said it is stupid… Awesome concepts by community were created… But they kept their.

_So this is the living world… I expected more…
Please sorry me, but I really expected more. We had been waiting for ten month… And the only thing that is really new is map. I understand that map and concepts have been changing, I saw it on videos and teasers. But still… Also that golden tickets…

It’s time for you to pay! IMAO he says “pay” but some people think he says “panic”

I wasted 400 opals and the next day bundle with ticket arrives. Bruh.

Ever looked a dragon in the eyes?
Here I want to explain why I don’t like 5V5 (I’t all IMAO and I bet more than a half of you will never understand me).

Society is a mistake.
When I said that now I’m older than I was year ago I joked but I feel like my opinion on world, life, society and other changed a lot. I don’t like playing in team, I like PUBG (where it all depends on me and random) or Critical ops(at least there are no classes and 1v5 outplays are possible). In Vainglory 1v5 is not possible (unless you play Krul or Rona) so it all depends on people. I don’t like playing with people who I never knew (my


I don’t mean game here

would break if played with anime hater or guy who thinks algebra is easier than geometry). I do not need 2 odd teammates.

Stay in your lane!
5V5 is waaayy too meta. In 3V3 you feel the game, feel, that anything happening bothers you. In 5V5 when you are on top lane (even top forest) you see fight and… You can’t do anything. Despair.
Sovereign Rise is 2.4x bigger than fold, but matches are even shorter. Why? Well, it’s some balancing questions that I am not good at.

It’s often better to entice the battle to you.
There is nothing to explain. SEMC are making VG more casual and battles faster. Again, it’s balance questions. But… I am the only one who thinks battles that last for less than 30 minutes are not funny? Don’t have time? Play Blitz!

And the thing that made made me write this long (for me it’ really long) text… SEMC plans! Ba Dum Tss

You think it hurts now? Just wait
Voice chat? C’mon… SoloQ players do not need it (rank 6 and below) because all they need is just a marker and recommend an item. Higher ranks play in party using dicord. That’s all.

Oh it didn’t hurt? Here’s another.
JOYSTICK? U SERIOUSLY? Okay… I haven’t seen it, haven’t tried it… But… How will autoatacks and targeted abilities work? I like hybrid controls (like in Heroes of Order and Chaos). Joystick will mean end to “mechanical skill”. First impression from game will be like: “another Mobile Legends copy”. Some of say: “they will keep touch controls, so you can play as it was before”. No! Game will definitely be reworked! Oh, go to google play page of Vainglory and check last few paragraphs of description… Ironic, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you rather fight for a good cause?
You go against your own laws… Pay-to-win… Joystick… You’d better made annoying MobileLegends-like ads.

This will all be gone a generation from now…

… Or even earlier if you don’t change direction.

Thanks for wasting your time reading this text.


I will stop you right here meta is created by players not semc

They really aren’t ttying to shorten the game time mainly teamfights (with that dam def. Nerf) this is probably due to a hard to pinpoint netcode problem.

Actually voice chat improves moba experience every play orginal dota without being able to comunicate with your team? Also many in the community have asked for it

P2w brawl modes aren’t that bad semc needs money to keep the game open.

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If only there were more than 10 t1 items

The problem on Joystick isn’t about it will looks like another AoV, Mobile Elegnd, or other but SEMC already bashing them about Joystick control and now they using it lmao xD

Hope next time they stop talking bad thing to another game and focus on its game (Now just make sure how to make those “pew” “pew” skill is viable on Joystick without auto aim, if they making skill more target lock and no change on laning mechanic and controlling hero they forget what they’re trying to sell )


I’m pretty sure they still do think touch is many times more superior to joystick and some have said so. The reason they’re adding it is to help players who can’t use touch play the game. Don’t ask me why they can’t when touch is so much more natural but people are different. If it doesn’t bother you why complain?

We live in a world of stupid people ran by even bigger idiots. Idiots flock in herds like sheep catering to them only degrades society making the idiots worse (like having warning of your coffee that it is hot)


While I agree with you I don’t get what you mean. How does that relate to my reply?

Easy vainglory was made for the minority who have at least half a brain. Other mobas on mobile use joysticks so if you want the sheeps to follow you do what is familar to them in hopes to get them.

Same mate, same. I never wanted 5v5. I still prefer 3v3, although the game has managed to convince me 5v5 is good too. But the majority of the community did, and so SEMC provided it.

Yeah I was really pissed off at that too.

Personally, I think voice chat will help reduce toxicity at lower ranks, and not everyone teams up in higher ranks, so it may still help…

I agree with you here. the games are becoming too short. A balanced game should go at least 20+ minutes, not be finished before blackclaw spawns.

Again, I agree. SEMC mean well, they wanna bring more players to VG, but I fear the uncoordinatedness of it will ruin matches for players who actually use the touch controls with allies who don’t, and make ranking easier for players that do use touch.

Ok I don’t understand why there’s so much hate for talents. SEMC made them to make Blitz and BR more exciting, and yes, to an extent they are p2w (altho as I keep sayin I still win without using them all the time) but you can also rank them up quickly enough without spending any money. And as for making the game noncompetitive; it’s blitz. It’s not supposed to be competitive. if there’s anything wrong with it, it’s not the talents; it’s the fact that there’s a rank to it. it should be casual only.

These are just my opinions. Anything I didn’t comment on I either agree with or just overlooked.


I’d argue they have brain after a few hours of soloq. Jokes aside that might be true but still having those other players doesn’t hurt anyone. If they are that dumb and bad they’d be in their own tier not interfering with anyone.

Yes and no boosting(which believe it or not there are pay to boosts out there), plus if an influx of new joysticks come in they start at t4 if half of them win regularly against other joysticks guess what there goes t5 with 6 following creating a huge barrier (playing with them as team mates) for those who are new but don’t want it, or for those of us who game knowledge exceeds our rank but mechanical skill does not.

If they are so bad they would start lower. If they are good enough to climb they’ll climb. I see no problem. If they can do it why shouldn’t they?

Because they will get rekt and ruin game as my teammates.

If they are in your tier won’t they be in both teams? If they are as bad as people say (even though none of you or me has ever tried those controls yet and has no idea how it plays) why would you be matched with them? And don’t think I’m gonna use that lol I hate joysticks, just don’t see how it would be negative to the game.

Some of us have mm bad luck getting stuck with idgits vs smurfs

Smashing noobs is not interesting.
If they are in my team we can beat enemy anyway, but it won’t be funny and it will be harder

That’s why there are ranks no? If they are so bad they won’t be in your rank pretty fast.

Ranks don’t work as well as you think between a bad mm plus boosting

Boosting is unreal in 5v5. I had the misfortune to play with a guy who built PS on everything. He was T8 bronze till he started dropping. I hope he drops to T4. No one deserves to play with someone who buys PS on captains and mages. The game I played with him he built PS on skaarf. Ugh.


I never said ranks are accurate, actually I think they are very inaccurate. Though you were the one claiming match maker isn’t bad.