All Seeing Eye (Vision Glitch)

Got to see Varya wherever she went, including her base.

Pretty nice glitch to show when the enemies were taking objectives. I aint no stalker but the game decided I should be.

Yes I was playing Wp Lane Taka, which I won with

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I think Ik how to recreate the glitch but …

The suspense in those words… spit it out already…

what’s the secret ?

He can’t mods would delete his post. So @RiseChu private message me :ok_hand:t4:.


I was afk farming in my lane and she was teleporting back home. I saw her glitching out of being in my vision bubble as I was standing still and she was on the edge of the my vision and Fog of war.

Maybe you guys can try to get someone at the end of the vision range and make the game glitch?

But thats what I think happened after the vision on her was spazing out.

_Also I didnt report it because I simply dont care about reporting it since I cant effectively reproduce it.

I have the video too UwU

Why do you think that?

so it’s got nothing to do with the specific hero and in theory it could happen to any hero.

or is this glitch due to having 2 Varya on the map? hmmm… the plot thickens.

This bug was there when 5v5 released
I think what happened is the game shows you the enemy hero while they in your range vision or near cams and somehow the game glitch and keeps them visible the whole match , a loop , like when Yates get stunned in his ult he enters the invisibility mode forever , or when ozo try to ult invisible enemy he just keeps rolling forever hehehe , they both fixed but you could see them in the future because the game not perfect .

Idk integrity? On old forums we couldn’t show how to do bugs because mods didn’t want to spread the abuse of the bugs. I guess this forums isn’t run by the devs so I see why you guys wouldn’t.

There’s a difference between posting bugs in this fashion, which is basically, “Hey, look at this weird thing I encountered” and posting a bug that people can exploit to gain an advantage in-game (e.g., the infamous Night Shadow Taka exploit). The latter wouldn’t be acceptable here either.

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I summon the All-Seeing Eye
To tear a hole into the sky
Reveal to me that which is hidden
Unveil to me what is forbidden