All for One - Weekend Discussions at Each Round (Currently at Round 3)


a true one for all (all 10 one hero) will be better and fair. no advantage/disadvantage from hero skillset


How do we know what heros are possible to play in one for all?


I figured it is better if I just updated this thread rather than make a new one for Round 3 of ‘One for All.’

This time, I decided to take screenshot of most of the matches. I know I forgot matches No.8 and No.9 (which probably was bad if I don’t even recall them).

Without further ado, here’s Round 3’s report/review!

The first match was really one sided. Our troop of Ozos kept getting bled by Rona’s B so our sustain was laughable.

Second match was a Rona mirror. We lost mainly because we couldn’t group up properly I think. I don’t recall much of this one cause I did it yesterday.

This one was absolutely hilarious (and one sided as heck)!

My team grouped up well and we bum rushed the enemy team past the five minute mark.

Very satisfying and lots of booms!

The fourth match was also pretty fun. The Joules vs us Glaives was pretty even until I decided to rush Blackclaw. Needless to say, we won with our Rocket Axe dodge tactics and one angry dragon, hehe.

The fifth match for this mode that I did today. This one was a bit of a failure due to poor communication and everyone going off doing their own thing.

Don’t they realise Alpha with lots of cooldown and Stormcrown equals suicide squad and no objective left untouched?

The sixth match was just sad. Ozo is the only one with rather poor mobility compared to all the other bruisers and could barely dance around ulting Joules. They shredded us like nothing.

I think this seventh match just proves that Rona is good into everyone else except Joule cause they can bust our thighs and sustain with Spellfire and Frostburn enchanced laser beams, lol.

Skipping the eight and ninth matches…

Tenth match was "prove your coalition of Glaives is better than the other. It was very funny and a nice challenge.

All those roars of our jet axes followed by punts is soothing to me.

Just look at all the sleeping cats!

We won cause two Stormcrown is better at cheesing a dragon to singe our opposing cats to crisps. Enough to even make one of them sell their items, hehe!

The eleventh match was intense. We nearly got wrecked by the barbarians of thicc thighs. But of course, they are no match for a dragon and can’t really deal with him while a bunch of cats are pouncing and axe’ing their asses, no?

The twelth and final match was honestly quite fun. I finally got Joule and a mirror match too!

We beat them soundly thanks to one or two of my team mates (it’s hard to tell who is who cause I switched off names above health bars).

Then we got lucky cause we got lucky and dodged the opposing Joule squad beams while fighting over Blackclaw, which was the game winning secure.

All of my team mates except me got out alive after securing Blackclaw. Luckily we have pushed mid lane hard and he had a clear path straight through to the Vain. I followed it and chuncked a bit of the Vain’s health before I got my ass wooped.

That bit of damage was our game clincher, hehe. The enemy team nearly killed Blackclaw off before he shattered the Vain for us. A victory whilr the whole team is dead, woohoo!


In conclusion:

  • The available pool of heroes feels a bit more balanced this time around. Is it because everyone in it is a bit weak? Lol.

  • Rona is probably the best into everyone but Joule. In a mirror match, it’s down to skill and luck (and hope someone on the opposition AFK’s).

  • Ozo is the weak hero for this pool (like Malene and Kestrel). He just doesn’t do well into everyone else in the pool.

  • When I get Rona, I feel bored playing her. Don’t know why I felt that way. Ozo at least felt a bit challenging despite feeling mostly despair when I get him.

I haven’t experienced Ozo vs. Ozo, Alpha vs. Alpha, Glaive vs. Alpha and Glaive vs. Ozo I think.

As with these events, once you complete the checklist, there’s no incentive to play it anymore unless you really want that points collecting event rewards.


Came for the interesting discussion. Stayed for hazeleye’s burn. Got damn lmao. Classic from start to finish.


Only played Alpha once, Glaive twice, and Ozo a bunch of times. I haven’t seen Rona and always lose to Joule.


Ok after 12 games (and still not getting joule once), heres my priority list for round 3:


It seems like having an aoe stun instantly makes you really strong in OFA, since chaining them will easily win the fight with your enemies unable to do anything if they fail to block one. Joule also has good aoe damage which makes her the best in lategame teamfights.

Glaive takes second place with a good mix of damage, sustain, CC, and mobility. Multiple afterburns make ganking successful almost every time. Hes also the only one in the 5 whos also currently strong in the meta.

Alpha takes third because of her dueling potential. She outdamages the rest in a 1v1 in the early game. Two lives makes it so that the enemy will not be able to win fights early game unless they outnumber you, and alpha can use that to snowball the game. Two lives also makes it easy for an alpha team to rush armories and the crystal and tanking them.

Rona is meh. Her damage potential and sustain isnt as good as glaive. She has no CCs to chain. Also the most boring kit of the 5 in OFA.

Ozo is bad. No damage, gets outsustained by the rest.


@TheInterpreter Oh you. I agree, the burn is nice.


@SideRaiderr I guess you are in the “get Ozo a lot” group. I’m in the “get Rona a lot” group.


@Gatorrex Nice points all around. Also, what’s with everyone’s luck getting one hero too often and one hero rarely, lol.

I agree that Joule is the best in this round. A good Joule is hard to deal with, so a bunch of good Joules is a nightmare. I’ve only seen Joule in a two or three games iirc.

I know I got Joule twice during the selection phase, of which one was dodged and the other one was my last game - Joule mirror.

A well coordinated team of Alphas and Glaives is superb and fun in my opinion and experience. The adrenaline rush from bum rushing the enemy is addicting. Also, the games where my team was Alphas, they keep using their ult just to go for an jump in cheese with their A and for Glaives, they kept chain Afterburning and ulting like mad and the sounds was madness.

For Rona, I feel of the team is good, she can shred through if they group up. Multiple Serpent’s Mask, BP and Bonesaw can do wonders. I do agree that she’s really boring to play though.

Ozo is Ozo and he’s just sad… so so sad…


I would imagine Rona beating Ozo and Alpha, no?


I like Alpha. I like Joule. Haven’t got Glaive yet, but the gank potential is clearly a game changer.

I would put Alpha at no. 1 because of the snowball potential. it’s just crazy.

Also . . . i don’t know if it’s wide spread or if it’s only SEA - but - is everybody playing seeing the 5 midlane rush tactic in every single game ?


Depends on your hero and macro. If you have heroes with good seige and lane bully, you can focus entirely on pushing mid and taking blackclaw, since blackclaw spawns in its enraged form. Pushing sidelanes are much harder, you do it mainly to open up a backdoor or to get some gold. Jungle spawns late at 45 secs so it isnt that bad to start all mid, especially if you can secure first blood and some early kills for gold.


@SideRaiderr Rona beats Ozo cause she can chop his sustain off quickly with her B’s second activation. Against Alpha, it depends on skill match up.


@Ve3nNo0wM Midlane rush is a viable tactic, though it is highly dependant on everyone contributing.

I for one find that mid lane rush coupled with 3 or more Stormcrown can lead to an easy Blackclaw once it spawns. Then it’s usually gg from there.