Ahri the Fox Spirit

Took @Ahri from Mastery level 1 to level 4 during this event!

I :heart: u :fox_face:


My teemo went from 1 to 5 just due to his skin alone hahahah

I love you too, just as I love all my suitors!

[my lovely portrait by sevenbees]

A new achievement for me: I got my first champ (and my favorite foxgirl) to Mastery Level 5 this morning! Unfortunately the match was a loss, but I got an A- anyway. (I got matched with a 4 person party, and for a party of guildmates, they were not especially coordinated, and they were definitely not very map-aware.)

I also unlocked Ahri’s eternals before this match, and I completed 3 of them!

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i should really stop causing pain to others with teemo lmfao anyways i think ill get back to playing akali again xD

It took only 6 matches to get her from Mastery 5 to Mastery 6! Got an S- yesterday and an S today! :partying_face:

Tbqh, I had forgotten how much fun mid lane is to play!