Aftershock useful after 3.4 update?

SEMC keep nerfing this item recently. This time max life damage from 13% to 12%. Will Aftershock be worth buying after 3.4 update?

It will always be good. Just Stormcrown + Aftershock got heavily nerfed

It’s been overpowered for some long, it’s made certain hero’s very hard to balance as they deal tremendous DMG with very cheap and easy to obtain items.

It’ll still be decent, they’ll continue to nerf it by 1% till it hits the spot where it’s not OP.

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Ty i got answer in Nivmett topic too. Agre with it.

To quote Excoundrel, it got the “classic 1% aftershock nerf”. I think SEMC don’t really know how much to nerf this item by, so they just nerf it by 1% every patch until it fits.

Yeah pretty much, they’re trying to find the sweet spot, personally feel it’ll get nerfed to 11%, as things stand it’s just a bloody nuisance on some hero’s (Nivemett said it makes hero balancing very difficult because it’s cheap and spammable).

An argument can be made that AS became more valuable. It dropped 10% CDR, but infusion and Clockwork dropped 15%. AS now provides 1/3 of the max CDR. For a Captain, CapPlate/Rooks, CP infusion, and AS gives you max CDR. For a non-Cap, AS, CP infusion, and HC gives you 40%.

Yes the damage is lower but I think it will still be strong. Remeber 1% damage against a 2k health enemy is 20 CP damage. The nerf isn’t huge. It still provides 240 damage, 35 CP, and 15% CDR. A SG with a 160% scaling skill provides 240 damage but no other benefits.

AS should have had its CDR brought down to 10%.

It would be balanced if you remove or weaken the lifesteal, because if you deal 400 damage(or even more on some heroes) with AS, you’ll regenerate a fair chunk and that fair chunk is a little too fair

TLDR: Aftershock will always be useful but its nerfs will soon leave a path of destruction and compensation for some heroes.

Yeah it will always be but the sad thing is people keep complaining about heroes like Reza who can’t carry games. Reza is Aftershock and Aftershock is Reza. Reza is an assassin so if he is able to kill the enemy carry 1v1 in lane that is well, makes sense. I still am able to 1v1 Reza with Glaive and BF (not going to include Grace). He has his weaknesses but I feel like his personal nerf and the AS nerf is a bit too much. The dude only gets popular when meta slaves are like “oh he’s meta” makes me kinda sad because I played him since his release when people called him “weak.”