After playing 4 consecutive matches without a roam, you'll NEVER BELIEVE what happened!

Ok sorry for clickbait.

So this happened.

We lost horribly btw.
(No, grace was not wp, and Phinn just switched to ardan and fort switched to CP baron)


well if it was a party
lyra can go top and still build supp or cp. semi works well too
wp adagio and baron for the other lane
cp grace jungle roam with ardan supp

Ik, but apparently all they wanted to do was build full captain and rush mid, which resulted in the enemy just destroying our bottom and top lane completely. I tried defending bottom, but no one would help me and a solo adagio is no match for a fed Ringo and koshka.
:frowning: Rip

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Team of captain heros built right together can be fun