After Hotfix 3.3.1

I updated the game to Hotfix 3.3.1 (now 3.3.2). After the update my game is freezing and lagging. I saw some people like me. What is the problem? What I should do?

My device is Galaxy S7 Edge
My operating system is Android 7.0


Luckily i havent updated mines…

Lol, another hotfix that causes more problems than solutions.

why does that not surprise me.

if you’re already updated and having problems, then you don’t really have a choice do you? update again and see if that solves the freezing and lagging.


Pull a 3.3 apk and downgrade good luck finding one though


I wonder why I didn’t think this.:thinking::thinking: Anyway, it’s fixed. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Same for me. Exynos s7e on oreo - after the hotfix updates it’s choppy, lagiing and not smooth at all… super bad.

@Nivmett @idmonfish can you tell that to someone related at SEMC?

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I am stuck at the game data download thingy

RIP Vainglory for me