AFK number shot through the roof

The number of AFKs in 5v5 or even 3v3 ranked is just insane in SEA. Do other servers have that too?

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It’s insane in NA right now, yeah.


It was pretty horrible in 2.12 in 5 v 5 but it hasnt been so bad for me of recent.

Though 5v5 now is still casual, players all want a good time playing it and AFKs are ruining it

To add: I just had two matches.
First match: 1 AFK on either side, ended up being 4v4. Won.
Second match: 1 AFK on my side, 3 AFK on theirs. They surrendered.

Three. AFK. If I was on that team, and I was a new player, my image of this game would be tarnished.


well, I had a game with 4 afk on my team… not all at once… it’s kinda like follow the leader.
it was a 1 vs 5 eventually. . . welp, i tried to the very end.

to be fair, i think they was probably playing for the first time. just so many mistakes.

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