AFK-detection improved?

Okay. So I just had the “pleasure” of playing a BR-match with two individuals holding the [EVIL] guild tag (spikeyy and tilweOverdose, not sure if genuine).
One of them died stupidly, and started shit-pinging me. So, of course, I showed my appreciation by going back to base and using skills there, to skip AFK-detection.

After the match, the LPQ-notification already awaits. Now, while this is working as intended, I never got “caught” before.
So I’m wondering whether AFK-detection is actually functional now, or whether I got trolled by toxic Devs whose downvotes count more.

Edit: SPOILER - not trolled by Devs!

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Fwiw, guild tags are NOT unique … there are a number of guilds who have adopted the EVIL tag, most likely in an effort to make people think they’re devs.

ACTUAL devs will have red names in-game.


Okay, that settles that then. The names were not red (I was hoping someone might simply recognize them, if really Devs).

So I guess AFK-detection is working better than it used to. Or I collected too many downvotes by toxic assholes… even though my last few matches before that one were surprisingly okay.

As a friend put it: “Some higher power is telling you you’re done with VG.” - and that may just be the case. Really, I don’t see myself sitting through LPQ because I’m forced to play with a-hats.

I feel ya … the toxicity is unbearable these days. I rarely get a match of any sort where someone’s not toxic – I find myself having to actually FORCE myself to play these days. (I’m a guild leader and a team captain, so I try to set an example.)

While it’s true that every game has toxicity, the pool of non-toxic players in VG seems to have shrunk considerably in the past year. (Or maybe it’s that 5v5 created an influx of more toxic players, overwhelming the non-toxic contingent. Idk.)

All I do know is that SEMC has waited too long to address this very long standing issue, and it’s driving people away from the game.


I remember Captain neato admitting to having “stealth smurf” accounts that he plays on, to assess how MM is for normal players.

So it not entirely true they’re name will always be red. only when they’re using that particular account.

That’s true for some of them, I’m sure, but most of them appear to play mainly on their normal “dev” accounts. I think that’s pretty cool, really, and it’s always fun to run into one of them in a match. (Except that time I got utterly wrecked by Adyendrus in a blitz, but we won’t go there.)

I don’t think any smurfs would be in the real company EVIL guild, though. That would kind of defeat the purpose of being “stealth” accounts. :gwenrainbowbarf:

Just to clarify - they’re dark red if they’re on the enemy team, but dark blue if on yours.


Oh… hmm. Can’t say I paid enough attention to notice that difference in-game, but on the post-match screen, their nicks seem to be the same colour as mine.

Lol, I stand corrected. I’ve never been fortunate enough to play on the same team as one of the devs :skaarf:

The colored names only show up in-match.

All i can say is toxicity because of toxicity inly creates more toxic behavior while creating a culture of it is ok to be toxic because everyone else is

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The thing is: Carrying toxic idiots to victory also creates a culture of increased toxicity (at higher MMR), and serves as positive reinforcement on an individual basis at the same time.
If the result of someone acting like an asshole is that he gets what he wants (a victory, in this case) - why would he change his behaviour?

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You could always at least half play and go through the motions

I usually either mute them or give them the laughing emote whenever they start pinging, usually end up with them going afk and enjoying a peaceful match after.

You were probably just reported by the other players…