AFK bug thingy


10/10 topic name I know.

So I had an AFK adagio in a match. After we lost, I got a message which we usually get when there’s an AFK on our team in ranked games, basically the “you had an AFK so this match won’t affect your skill tier” thing.
Well firstly, idk why I got it in 5v5, I mean it’s just casuals atm, there is no ranked mode.
But the weird thing was, after that match, I lost 2 more, and got the same message both the times, even though there wasn’t anyone AFK on my team.
Also, apart from the “X” being a bit unresponsive in the UI, is anyone having an issue with activating activables?
I didn’t really pay close attention, but I felt that sometimes my RB wouldn’t go off the moment I tapped it, and i would have to tap it twice. (tho m not sure bc there was too much stuff going on)


I have definitely experienced this multiple times. It seems to be with A abilities, but perhaps that’s because those are usually the most-used ones.


this is sth that has bugged people for ages now. my guess is it is some kind of lack/packet loss.

the x being unresponsive means that you got an honor (you just cant see it due to a bug). tapping anywhere outside the window works just as good.


I have trouble flasking under pressure.
I might be a dumbass but the fact that the button for flask isn’t centered, and is pushed into the corner of the A button really trips me up. I wish there was an option to have it hover but be centered.


Well I used my flask on full health a million times, trying to press my A, and then when I was running away from stuf, I tapped my A and then tapped it again and again and didn’t heal at all so I died.