Advertising - the watch video option

So we all know about it, watch a video to gain a inventory item - glory, ice, keys, opals and essence.

but the whole purpose of ADS, Adverts - is to attract customers to whatever is being advertised.

SO what happens when you actually click into the ads instead of clicking the (X) to close the ad and return to the game ?

YUP you guessed it, you end up exploring way too much and the timer for the free item expires, leading to a pop up message - " did not register, please try again"

which is kinda stupid i think. if an AD leads to the purchase of something, SEMC gets a % commission and we just get an error message saying “try again”.

I don’t know where to put this topic, it’s like a mix of UI, help (bug maybe) and a little salty.

=) I guess the message is - don’t go exploring - just click the damn (X)

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I actually went to their terms of service to check what they changed , and a lot of it about in game ads I think , did your read it @hazeleyes , are they selling our data to third party indirectly with the ads ?! , I actually had no idea after I read the TOS , but ads is something they working on and I think they did something there .

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