Advantages of stormcrown?

I know that Stormcrown is item that is usually bought by supports or early-game junglers for farm. But why do people buy this, not sorrowblade or any other useful WP or CP item that will empower their abilities?

Cooldown health plus true damage ignores all forms of defence. After the recent nerf it has decreased in viability especially since defense has had a heavy nerf

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im trying to be rude but if a laner buys this, it means they cant last hit and deserve to play ringo’s gold rush until they master it i could throw more shade but i wont UwU

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They removed it a long time ago tho ;-;

sadly >_> ill go cry now, that was the only way i learned to last hit sadly

Edit: when u type last tit instead of last hit


They didn’t? It is in a different menu…

Where? Now i feel stupid for not seing it :confused:


Now I can’t find it either… With the new tutorial they removed it?

they removed it

i looked through all the menus

I played the goldrush not that long ago… Was it removed in 3.0?

I think yes.

It’s a wasted item slot, so many better options as a roam now… who would you buy it on?

It is more situational now like if you are dealing with a squishy like gwen going shield and armor it can be very useful especially if combined with armor/shieldpierce but of course if a squish sacrifices damage to stay alive more than likely you can still kill them before they kill you

I just see it as a waste, on all of the existing meta roams there are far better alternatives, prefer to see an echo or a clockwork.

Problem with those is then you a missing a damage that completly ignore defence which currently isn’t much but i expect it to be buffed soon

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I’d much prefer my roam to be throwing double gauntlets or double heals from lyra and grace over… what is it 10% of stromcrowns Total true DMG onto the enemy? At max that’s like 14 DMG… (I think)


almost, you deal 4-13 dmg to structures and champs, so really, it’s passive is only useful for two things: taking dragons and last hitting
but if you ask me, i’d rather get a damage item over a stormcrown if you want to contribute more. the only thing a SC is good for post-laning phase is HP and CDR, but if you just want those stats, why not get the slightly more expensive superscout? you lose out on 5% cda but have +1 more energy recharge and +300 more max health + utility with vision


Other piercing does not affect the stormcrown damage. So to have piercing be effective with lets say Aftershock you have then wasted 3 item slots…

Meanwhile you could have build a full CD item like CW with AS or high crystal damage that scales into a captain build. Or use an item that offers more hp if that is what you need.

Now stormcrown is like a dull pocket knife with all sorts of uses potentially but it fails to deliver when you try to use the tool you pick.

It is a jack of all trades. But a master of none.
Clockwork and aftershock beat it in cooldown and damage department and both of those offer CP a scalable damage source affected by piercing.

For hp/DPS shiversteel is in most cases a better option especially when you take up a damage item alongside it.

Stormcrown is a shell of its former self for one reason: it was meant as a specialist item for captains but was widely used and abused by damage dealers forsaking nornal items in favour of Stormcrown.

Thus stormcrown had to be taken down to generic item levels instead of for a captain who could only afford a slot or two damage wise…

We need it to be a specialist item again.

Back in the old days it build from ironguard contract and scaled with ambient gold which could only be obtained if you owned a contract. Making it a specialist item.

Remove all hero damage and increase its objective damage to scale with bonus hp.