Adding an item to farm jungle creeps

I am gonna first explain my perception of how this item should be then i will explain why i want it in the game:

  • Description: When this item is purchased, the player is awarded gold and experience for killing a jungle creep. This implies that killing a jungle creep without this item will not give any gold or exp but the player can still get blue, red and treant buffs if he does. This also means that jungle camps no longer give ambient gold and exp for nearby allies.
  • Cost: 600 gold
  • Stats: Deals true damage to jungle creeps only and the same amount as stormguard banner.

Now the reason why i want this item:

The sidelanes meta is just screwed at this moment 9 games out 10 you see the same exact thing , your bot laner won his lane and your top laner is suffocating. Now i not gonna rant about it again since i already did multiple times but i am gonna explain why this item can help improve the state of the sidelanes meta. The biggest issue right now is that the jungler is just forced to hover over bot lane and mid lane and has basically no reason to go top side since there is nothing there for him to farm. On the first rotation his mid laner will take his cp buff and his doubles and the top side treant will be taken by either the enemy bot laner or jungler or if you're very lucky by your top laner.

So the jungler camping bot side means top laners are constantly under huge pressure and forced to surrender their healing treants and can't contest the enemy's treant since its a 1v2 situation. If played correctly bot laners have control over both healing treants so they get a gold and exp advantage over top laners and they eventually get a red buff when they hit an item spike and win their lane from their.

Adding this item will enable many options for junglers, it means top side jungle won't be completely wiped out by his own team all the time giving him the possibility to either farm it himself or invade the enemy's jungle. So the jungler can actually choose where he wants to be on the map he's not forced to camp bot lane and the bot laner is no longer guaranteed to have control over both healing treant so he won't get a gold and exp advantage without achieving anything. He' also not guaranteed a red buff once he hits an item spike and either kill the top laner with it or force him to surrender his turret. See what this means ? All the factors that makes bot lane a lane that will win 9 times out of 10 have been removed. This change means there will actually be a laning phase in the sidelanes, the lane is won based on how the game unfolds so it will be based on the laner that is more skilled and managed to out-trade his opponent or farm better and how the junglers decide to rotate around the map and what lanes they've DECIDED to apply pressure in. This also means players will need to step up their map awareness because the junglers can basically be anywhere on the map and it also makes aggressive junglers like koshka more relevant because they can actually invade and get to have both buffs. They later on can decide whether they should give a buff to one of his carries late game but not just give to him from minute 4 onwards

Now regarding the stats and the gold cost, i chose them to make it an item that just junglers should get at level 1. 600 gold means its cheap enough to buy at level 1 but not too cheap so that laners can get away with buying it. Also it just gives some clear speed to clear the jungle but no other stats than that so that again laners don't benefit from buying it.

I’m having trouble understanding this part. You get gold and exp normally without this item. Are you suggesting to completely change jungling so you can ONLY gain gold and exp from this item?

This’ll just make laners purchase jungle item and farm both jungle and wave

I wouldn’t even buy it.
it gives to same stats as stormguard banner and doesn’t even progress to an Tier 3 item.
600 for a tiny boost in exp and gold? you need to specify if it builds towards anything. and how much boost it gives.

Id still get the standard clearing items that will give basic attack and can be upgraded later on.

this would ruin junglers. you’ll be spending the starting gold just so you can actually play your role?? i’m sorry, but by making laners not benefit from jungle creeps with this idea, you’d also make jungling a horrible early game experience. killing healing camps as a non jungler would also be a loss of 55 gold or more.

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It honestly sounds like you’re tired of people stealing farm, and so you want to introduce an item that restricts it.

No thanks.

I think restricting (crucial) game mechanics is a bad idea for any role. As it stands, this item would cause riots.
There are a couple things that could make it possible.

Make it a build

As others pointed out, you have to buy an item to do your role. Restricting an entire role to one item is doomed from the start. Adding it as a T1 to an item that is highly desirable for junglers rather than necessary (think FoR for captains) would definitely be the better choice.

Have it grant full gold/exp rather than any gold exp

Jungle farms could be nerfed, giving half (or 3/4, or whatever) the normal amount of gold and exp to anyone who doesn’t have the item (or its T2/3 form). Buffs are kept the same (healing and WP/CP are not affected)

Bring back ambient gold

This will absolutely alienate captains from the jungle. There’s nothing to be gained from them walking around with you there, and that’s not good for anyone. You’d have slower jungle rotations overall, and captains would be stuck in the lanes for their gold, which nobody wants. Ambient gold should stay the same as it is now, or it could rely on if the jungler has the item or not (less ambient if jungler does not have item)

Overall this discourages laners from taking your camps, which I like. Good concept, but needs some handling.

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Honestly, this idea is not a good one. For reasons stated above, aswell as Mid/late game problems for the jungler.

What happens when you need to sell the item to work towards finishing your build?

If this item is required to gain gold and xp, you would have 2 choices when going for your last item: Sacrifice damage until you have enough gold to buy a tier 3 damage item, or hope you can get enough farm through ambiant from laners in the mid/late game to finish your build.

This would destroy all scaling junglers and make them useless until they can farm up. Which makes a constant 4v5 situation. This item basically makes the starving the jungler switch from early to mid/late game.

Yes i am suggesting that jungle minions get changed so that they only give gold if you have this item

You would buy an item that costs 600 gold and that doesn’t give any stats, no weapon no cp no cooldown nothing just to get jungle farm ? If your opponent doesn’t do the same and just gets 2 standard carry items you’re basically putting yourself 1200 gold behind. That’s basically the worst trade ever unless you secure every jungle objective lol

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I am not i am a support main… i mean did you even read the thread i want the sidelane meta to change right now its a race of winning bot lane first and its so boring. In this meta its not even stealing top side jungle doesn’t belong to the jungler, by giving him the option to be anywhere the sidelanes can have an actual lanning phase giving top and bot lane equal chances of winning

I feel like you’ve been stuck in lane too long. Your suggestion is not a good balance for the overall health of the game.

try playing another role, so you can appreciate their views and you’ll be able to come up with a better solution that won’t be so biased towards just the side lanes.

Wait you mean enemy wp buff and your twin bears plus healing camps are nothing please tell me how so

I think everyone is mad because it is a mandatory for jungling. And yes I agree it needs to build into a t3 item (s). But it is a good suggestion actually a needed one. Not only for the side lanes. Even though if you’ve ever played top against good people you would know what it’s all about. But also jungle farm shouldn’t belong to laners. No I’m not an angry jungle main. I barely play jungle and I am not mad when they take farm because it’s like it should be with current state of it. BUT junglers are supposed to have level advantage and less gold than laners. Not be 3 levels behind your laners and a few thousand gold up. But junglers get money from ganks and kills not exp.