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Please SEMC add support to root devices most users of a rooted device are people either fed up with unwanted/unused apps clogging up their phone or users who bought a amazon fire tablet and was dissapointed in the limitations and ads on it. While i understand not wanting to support custom firmwares, but a simple root device is running pure android without extras(which is the idea development platform)

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It is the reason I only buy stock android devices.
No bloatware.

Root allows modifications to several elements out of their control.

Uhm… the game files are not on a restricted partition either way. If you really wanted to alter client-side behaviour, you could do that without rooting your device.

Yes, root allows for all sort of OS-level shenanigans, but then again: It’s the same form of access that is standard on PCs. So how nefarious is that? (With regards to the average user, anyway.)

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Problem is that average users are too dumb to root a device…

So when comparing it to pc it is like making stuff available to a modder.

Actually rooting is just slightly more complicated (sometimes just as easy) than jailbreaking. Most won’t be able to start from scratch but anyone can follow the guides XD, but most don’t care if they have unneeded things like 2 internet browsers or 2 gallery apps, 2 apps stores yes Samsung I’m talking about you

Motorola nexus and pixel all are stock droid. I hate samsung…

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And don’t forget all the carrier apps most users will never touch

Stock android doesn’t have any of that bloatware

My samsung tab pro 8.4 was so stuffed with crap and never ever received an update that I vowed to not get Samsung ever again. Same thing with Ipad.

Love android hate apple hate samsung lmao

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I’ve never liked Samsung since it started making Flip Phones… Bad build quality, Bad software, Bad battery life… I’ve have never understood why people think buying their 5th “cheap” Samsung is better than buying a good quality, better phone / android device, that would outlast all 5 of their “cheap” Samsungs.

They keep thinking: “Samsung can’t fail all the time right?”… " if i keep buying it, it eventually will get better right?"… well… good luck waiting for that day to happen…