ADCs with Crystal Damage Abilities

This is one thing I’ve always found very dissatisfying when playing the game- when a hero, usually wp has an ability that simply doesn’t scale up in damage for the entire game besides by levelling it up. Examples include Glaive’s bloodsong, Krul’s spectral smite, more or less all of Skye’s abilities and wp Ozo’s Acrobounce amongst others. The consequence of this is that in the mid game, for example a Krul B is going to be a primary source of damage for him, similarly a nicely woven in Suri Strike/ death from above is going to increase a weapon power skye’s Dps, however as these have no ratios, as soon as they’re maxed its downhill from there- I’ve ligerally had people as krul or Glaive one auto from death, and hit my fully stacked smite or fully stacked Bloodsong and done no damage.

My opinion is essentially that no hero should have an ability that actually has a negative effect on there damage output when compared to just mindlessly auto attacking. The reason this happens is because A there aren’t WP ratios on these abilities and B because everyone in the game be it a carry with aegis or support with fountain will have shield.

How can they solve this well putting a block on metal jacket and pegging back it’s armour stat will stop carries from mindlessly buying aegis. Also since piercing is now a passive, maybe make it similar to Vampirism and rename it to defence breaker and have it pierce through armour and shield, meaning that a Glaive with tension bow or a Krul with bonesaw will have a little extra bite in his smite.

Glaive’s bloodsong needs a buff for sure. Kinda funny how you can’t kill low HP players if you hit them at all with it that is. I feel it like it’s not consistent and when the enemy looks in range - nothing. Not sure if not because of the low dmg tho haha. Should feel more rewarding to use the ability, nowdays it’s only about lifesteal and not maxed out. You will just f yourself using it… no dmg.

Otherwise all comes to balance, some abilities are not just about the dmg, but more for the effect or even at what stage they are powerfull or not.


Several skills are all about repositioning and don’t need base damage scaling.

Other heroes like Glaive have worthless scaling and damage on one skill and that should be improved upon.

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Yeah I usually don’t even get Glaive’s ult until I have no other abilities to upgrade; it’s so useless.
It needs actual damage, or even something else. His epic talent, the stunning bloodsong actually makes his ultimate useful. But this would be too strong in 5v5. So maybe he just needs increased lifesteal (don’t know why SEMC nerfed it in the first place), or a silence, or even a slow!

You should obvs learn it at lv 6 for the 24% lifesteal cuz that’s pretty hax

The lifesteal is ok, but it needs a really big dmg/effect buff to make it worth in fight to cancel the lifesteal. If you can’t finish off even a low hp player and you actually deals more dmg with AA compared to the skill… well yeah, something is not balanced there. Maybe WP ratio and even burst of heal? Dunno… but it needs something major.


Or they should make it so you lose the lifesteal after a set time of reaching max stacks…

That alone would be a nerf. :slight_smile:

I think that this: ADCs who have abilities which essentially are spells e.g yo boi Krul, Ringo’s ult should deal CP damage as it used to do. Other ADCs who have abilities which are physical e.g Baron, Skye,… should deal WP damage from the get go

Yeah, but for instance Sky’s forward barrage used to have a decent WP Ratio on it, and her WP path was stupid. Upping the WP ratio again would make it stupid (Especially now that she has a weapon based slow on her Forward Barrage). This is only one, out of quite a few examples. They all have good reasons for this.