Adagio Top CP builds?

As the title states, any top lane Adagio cp builds?

Im getting bored of Reza top and I’m more inclined towards ranged heroes so I want to give him a go.

Joined just now … welcome and why not use the opportunity to contribute to the forum via answering here for discussion start? ^^

@cha0z It’s just easier to explain everything lmao.

@ExcaliburSaber If you’re having trouble with builds I would start by using VGPRO tbh.
for example:

Personally I prefer starting AC > Shatter for his CP path, but the VGPRO builds are always a good start and Dragon’s Eye probably scales better anyway. Take a look at the homepage too and you will see what all of the pros are building lately. Also as a rule of thumb, no need to build Broken Myth early if you’re snowballing or if the enemy just isn’t building much defense for you.

P.S. A lot of players are also using Adagio’s WP path lately. It’s fun and you play it the same as CP.
The core is: Sorrow > Shiv > Bonesaw


Perhaps, but the question was asked here on this forum, and the idea is that your answer is likely to benefit many more people if posted here than in a Discord chat.

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From personal experience (and that of a VG silver I know) the best starting item is shatterglass into alternating current. Then you can buy a broken myth and, should the game go on that long, then decide whether to build dragons eye, clockwork or get double defense.

Max B and ult. Get a reflex block rather early, perhaps after AC. When you’re ulting try and hit as many enemies as you can, the damage after the ult buff is pretty ludicrous. When ulting you’ll probably need to use your reflex block at some point so keep a look out for cc and your health bar. Keep in mind Adagio is fairly squishy even with the fortified health on ult, and you will probably be a priority target when immobile, so not going glass cannon is wise.

Try to apply arcane fire on as many enemies as possible, either by activating boots and running in or by healing a tanky frontline/diver. I prefer self heal for the slow, but again you’re prone to becoming a target. Self heal when you’re about to ult because you need to be in the midst of enemies anyway.

Prioritising T2/T3 boots on Adagio is generally a good idea because of how otherwise slow he is.

Your focus should be snowballing your lane; this is hard as a top laner but not impossible. Know that early game is when Adagio is strongest, going on to a powerful mid game when he gets SG and AC, but then falling off rather heavily late game. Early game you out damage every bot laner there is, so when you’re confident you can put out damage without receiving it poke the enemy laner with your superior range. If you see the jungler elsewhere on the map, 1v1 the enemy laner. You should almost certainly win especially if you get off a few shots before they can due to their shorter range. Your focus as Adagio CP is snowballing, therefore mid is often a better lane for him - although because of his immobility laning against mages can be a challenge, a 2v2 scenario is better than a 1v2.

I know you just asked for builds, but I wanted to be holistic. Sorry if it’s too long :slight_smile:


This is interesting, is there a reason why shatterglass first? I usually build CP Adagio with AC into DE, and then BM/CW depending on the situation. I find the AC/DE combo works really well. I rarely actually buy shatterglass, only if I think teamfights are going to be short (lots of bursty fragile heroes) do I pick it over Dragon’s eye.

I find building SG first is better because you’ll anyway probably be able to get off all 6 empowered basics before they wear off and they do significantly more damage with an SG than an AC. The burst damage that you can pull off with an SG early game is pretty insane and can lead to quick snowballs.


Fair enough, I’ll try it some time!

Thanks for the input. Gotta try this. I main carries, but currently trying out top lane/captain/jungle heroes. :slight_smile: