Adagio rework idea


Idea base on Kayle
just change skill B, instead of targeting on himself and allies, skill B should be buffed only Adagio with Aoe damage like Baron’s basic attack
Make Adagio becomes a carry


Adagio is supposed to be roam too, and this would be a nerf to that. I don’t think Adagio needs a rework, just some number changes.


I know the wings are changed to look like this hero from lol but adagio looks fine now, doesn’t need 4 when 2 are perfectly fine


The question I see is why? Why rework something that works? It seems an unnecessary change for me and it would hurt more than anything, after all you are deleting the roam path.


His B should be reworked but the change you proposed has no double path viability just a buff to his carry and nerf to his roam…


Roam adagio already benefit from the buff he actually is better buffing himself and healing the carry especially if you build one cp item , I don’t see the rework As a nerf its good buff could push hyper build adagio roam/damage , he could be something between grace and Lyra .

I used to think about buffing him with the arcane fire because I thought getting it from healing only is bad , so the first basic attack after he buff himself with the B should be an arcane fire attack make the arcane fire single target to that enemy , keep the heal AOE arcane fire and make the ult apply arcane fire to the enemies so you can arcane fire to stun enemies or just ult them to apply arcane fire so you can get a bonus damage on them and energy .


Uhh just from a practical sense, flying with 4 wings would be super annoying. It be more like hoving. With 2 wings you can ascend faster and fly in a more traditional sense.

As for the rework, adagio is supposed to be the most versatile hero, with all 3 paths being viable. Sure, he’s a bit meh right now, but that doesn’t mean nuke the roam path.

Here’s my own B rework idea to help adagio synergize more with mages/cp heroes.

B with provide wp/cp amp to the target based on the path they’re taking. Rough numbers 5/10/15/20/30 amp for X duration. Amp scales with cp, something small maybe like 5% cp ratio. Duration scales with bonus health. Maybe like 10%. Bonus damage to burning targets would have to be nerfed a bit to compensate and self cast bonus removed.

(For clarification you can cast your b on yourself, but you don’t get anything special.)


You’re going in the right direction than what this (the OPs concept) is headed.

His B doesn’t help (as of right now) his Roam path beside having some damage in the early game and when mid to late game rolls around, his B is useless. The amp is great considering that Potato Petal is the only hero with Amplification in their kit. And having a captain that can do so would put Adagio among the great and best healers right now.

Lyra is the best aoe healer with great zoneing :triumph:

Grace is a great tank with team wide shielding with single target heal. :cowboy_hat_face:

Adagio would have a single target heal but with the ability to amplify a heros damage stats :star_struck:


That would make Adagio’s B scale into lategame, which I think it’s needed since his B is useless in lategame and meh in early for the roam.


Exactly. It was once feared when combined with melees, but now its really only for yourself as the self cast bonus plus arcane fire makes it somewhat viable.

Adagio as a roamer has an unusually small synergy pool, and with so many changes Id argue this is a neccesary update to his kit.


I believe idris a also has wp amp. But, I think currently petal is the only hero with both wp and cp amp and the only cp amp hero.


Whos Idris? Oh you mean the dude with the chakrams? Ew

I despise Idris for his kit :nauseated_face:


Idris’ A amplifies both his CP and WP of the next AA. It’s still potato though.


Oooh the push comp back again , I think this going to make adagio the top roam , I like the idea because his B is useless especially after the range nerf .


And it would help bruisers alot like BF and Kensei.

BF being able to shred the backline easily :heart_eyes:

But on the negative side, it might break heros that are already strong like Caine or Kinetic…