Adagio + Lyra Combo


Well, I thought by playing Vox it would be pretty much safe to farm safely.
However, against Lyra and Adagio who does damage , heal and push! Its really tough to play for early game. Good thing this 1v2 soon becomes a 5v5 situation. But just saying, Lyra and Adagio for early game is really scary


Probably the reason lyra git nerfed for her oppressive pushing potiential


I mean it is kinda the combo of her speed and her heals… she can keep lots of lanes healthy at once in the early game (making for a strong snowball potential)

She is kind of a passive roam rn in that she is not the team fight master she once was but she can keep everyone healthy which means they can stay in lane longer and take objectives when the enimy has to go home.

But in 3v3 with a much smaller map that feature is not nearly as strong (porting home healing and then coming back to turret does not take that long) and there is only one lane for her to do it for…I am very curious if they will be able to create a lyra that can handle a teamfight centered 3v3 without being overwhelming in 5v5. Or if they will even attempt to balance her for both


Well. 5v5 is really great for Lyra in early game.


Healers will be a necessary staple for keeping teams alive


That would actually be an interesting attempt to balance them for 5v5… they could just assume healers will be in any team comp of 5v5 (and then just balamce healers for 3v3 support power) in that case they will of course be better at playing support in 5v5… but the rest of the non healer supports would evolve into a tank role or something…

They would need more healers than just 2 and an ult healer to do that though