Active camo

OK, when did they raise kestrels wp limit for instant vanish from 200 to 250?

I swear, SEMC hates my building kestrel as a hybrid. When I started I needed sorrowblade and breaking point to get instant vanish, halcyon chargers and a shatterglass to have enough cp and cooldown to stay stealthed permanently so long as my energy held out. It was a great assassination build where i could essentially stunlock people with mist. Then they increased cooldown duration so i needed to make sure I would always add an aftershock to my build, fine. Then it increased again, so instead of sorrowblade and breaking point i settled with 2 spellswords. Now the wp capp has increased. seriously this is beyond frustrating :crazy_face:


it’s to avoid exactly this. she got strong, they took her down a notch. welcome to VG, bud.

Well she is one of the strongest laners rn be happy about that. She had to be taken down a bit and she still has her bs CP camo lasting 10 heccing seconds

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Grrr why can’t I have perma stealth with no concept of positioning or avoiding damage, why should enemies be permittted to attack ME, grrrrr

yeah, but the moment she gets hit its essentially impossible to get into camo if the person stays on you

i dont recall ever encountering anyone else who used this build though, so its not like like people were cheesing it

if they ever got vision i would be the one consistantly being focused on though