Active Camo + Spellfire = 🤣

So I e learned today that the passive from spellfire triggers active camo, my god it’s fun…

Landed a trap on two players, hit them couple of times then stealthed again and the passive effect triggered the mist and killed them both. Too much fun…


Works with Scout Traps and Nullwave too.

Yeah scout traps worked back in the day (mucho fun), had no idea nullware triggered it, though not sure how you’d build that into CP build.

SF CW SG BM aegis HC

Oh so powerful.

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Wow I never knew this, I haven’t played kestrel in a while since the major nerf. This should be fun.

I’ve known about the Scout Traps but never heard about Spellfire until now. Incredibly fun to play.

Wait this works? fun times are here…

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Yeah I couldn’t understand it when it first happened. But the only logical explanation is the the passive DMG overtime (which is CP DMG), triggers the mist when the walk into it.

Makes traps and kitting incredible powerful especially once you’ve got CW up as you can almost spam traps.

Bcuz it was her damage on the target. Doesn’t matter what damage.