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First off, this isn’t a bug or anything like that. My account is rather old, I made it long ago with a school email address. I’m almost sure it isn’t valid anymore.

Although I don’t need it to login, i’d rather have my account tied to a permanent email address. Is there anyway to do this? It probably be horrible if one day I forget my password and throw away a 3+ year account lol

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ask the support, but if your school mail isnt active anymore, it may be hard or impossibleto prove your identity.
my tip: write the address and password down and sort it into a place you can find it again later.

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Though SEMC does not usually allow for this sort of thing, they may make exceptions for unique situations and I fully advise you open a support ticket with SEMC.

Can you change the email registered to my account? Vainglory FAQs

Open a support ticket with SEMC


They should be able to prove it is you from ip address or a staff member adding you on vg

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