According to you, who "deserves" the buff camps?

So let’s talk about the buff camps. The cp one located near the mid lane and the wp one near bot lane.

I’ve been watching some 5v5 videos on YouTube, and I see the jungler sometimes giving, literally asking the carry to take the buff, while sometimes I see the jungler being like “aw man he took my buff!”.

So, I wanted to share my opinion on this…thing.
Now, this is just my personal opinion, but I feel that the jungler should (just a generalised view, I’ll talk about situational stuff later on) most of the time be giving the buff to their carries.
The reason why I feel this way, is because your carry having the buff and the enemy not having it can be the difference between your carry dominating lane or being dominated. Ofc, the jungler should be around for the ambient, but that 1min30secs of lane domination, if properly capitalized on, can very well lead to a snowball.

The jungler could always try stealing it from the enemy, but it’s too risky for the carry to do that, since if you get caught out and die and you team isn’t quick enough to rotate there, you will lose 50%+ of your turret, if not the entire turret.

Now if I talk about it with more of a specific situation approach, I do feel that in some instances your jungler should have the buff. Suppose if the jungler is something like koshka or Samuel, who get their powerspikes very early on, at lvl 2. Then I feel that taking the crystal buff is a right choice.
But if you are something like a taka, who can’t effectively gank until level 6. then I feel that you should probably just settle for the ambient and provide an advantage to your laner.
Another thing, is that if you are a wp jungler, please don’t take the CP buff and vice versa. Be there for the ambient if possible, but no need to take it as it can lead to some pretty salty carries.

I would love to hear your opinions on this, because I’ve been told by people that the jungler should always get the buff no matter what, so honestly idk what I actually am supposed to do.

this turned out to be much longer than I thought


the carries should take the buff+healing camps at the start.
at level 2, they are almost guaranteed to push the lane against a level 1 carry and if the enemy jungler tries to help, you may be able to flee already with your abilities.

during the rest of the game, let the one who is able to take the camp get it.
btw, even a wp jungler can benefit from the cp buff and vice versa. take whatever you can from the enemy and dont give it back.


Buffs should go to the carries if they’re there but don’t wait up for a carry to decide “Derrr maybe I might kinda want dat buff now” at like, 5 min in.


I agree with everyone that is saying this is situational.

Voice comms would make it very easy to check in with your teammates to make sure you’re not generating any accidental salt.

I successfully took the enemy crystal buff with Kestrel in bottom lane, this is something that should be taken into account when sharing them around. If your team has a laner / jungler with good potential to steal then they should and be supported with vision to help facilitate stealing an enemy buff at lvl1



From the enemy you are supposed to steal anything and everything, but if I was a koshka who would take my bot Lane’s wp buff, then I can assure you, yellow pings are coming my way.

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For the first round of rotations, I would give it to the carry. As for the next rotations, just give it to whoever can get it. If your jungler is very good at ganks, then giving them the buffs might be a good idea afterwards.

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yeah. just had a game with the jungle taka spamming the caution ping to stop me from getting the cp buff as a reim against the saw…
instant mute.
luckily, they couldnt protect the saw in the late game


So if jungler is weapon he takes red buff and mid laner takes crystal buff, if jungler is crystal he takes blue buff and leaves the red buff to the bot laner ( assuming he’s an adc). Now I think the jungler should always be afforded his fitting buff as he is the one exerting the most aggression early game, but late game perhaps the two biggest carries on the team should have them.

My opinion:

First rotation WP buff goes to Jungler. CP can go to mid.

This helps the jungler with much meeded early clear speed and powerful gank potential.

I agree it helps the laner early on to take the buff. But it is much more useful for the jungle to have atleast the WP buff for clearing and gaining a lead early.

After 1st rotation its whoever needs it should take it, but first rotation WP should go to Jungle.

If you have an early game WP carry like Ringo, SAW, Gwen, then I think the laner definitely should take the WP buff. If you have a high mobility early jungler who is going to aggress multiple lanes, then it is reasonable for the jungler to take the WP buff. If you have both or neither, then I think the laner should take it. The mid or top laner should always take the CP buff.


Funnily enough Koshka is one of the few heroes who I would advocate for getting both buffs in early game - her presence with them is immense and the slow on the wp buff makes it soooo easy for her to gank.

For most heroes I’d say its better the laners have the buffs though - they win the lanes with them and provide more consistent output with them.

On a similar topic over on reddit I wrote this this morning:

The basic issue is this - if the jungler gets all “his jungle” then he will have no time to do anything but rotate through the jungle - so he will barely contribute to the lane battles. If one team is letting their bot and top laners take the healing treants they will quickly develop a level advantage over the other team which makes it more than likely they will win their lane and/or be able to regularly invade and steal the enemy healing treants cementing that level and gold advantage. This is further compounded if the bot laner gets the wp buff and the other team doesn’t take that - basically to give your jungler their “jungle” you are probably sacrificing both top and bottom lanes, and that jungle that the laners were “stealing” will be stolen anyway but by the other team because of the advantage you handed them.
What the jungler needs to do well in a rotation is to maximise their ambient gold income - and likewise maximise the ambient gold of their team - gold toad and the main buffs should very rarely be taken by only one person - thats quite wasteful.


I would actually advise letting your jungler take WP if they are either;

These Junglers can effectively gank early or can invade the enemy jungle, and work very well with the slow on WP Buff. Krul especially. Bot laners, just give up on getting WP Buff if you have a Krul.

Quick tip: LANE GANK AS TAKA. What this means is to go through the lane (from the turret) with your box up and sit in one of the likely unwarded bushes along the side of the lane. As soon as a fight starts, pop out with your WP buff and your Kaiten and go ham. Nobody expects it and stopping the enemy from doing it requires a large vision investment (or a Vox B). This is the easiest way to gank as Taka pre 6 but nobody does it.


In an idealized game I would say the jungler provided they are going to rotate and assist the mid lane and the side lane they start their rotation from.

No laner is going to solo a turret with contention in the first 5 minutes, even with the buff. It’s more important for the jungler to get through his rotation quick and be able to assist with some power.

Of course the mid lane or bot lane should assist the taking of the first couple minions for gold and xp.

I’m seeing the horrid problem that most just don’t know how to freeze lane and get caught up trying to farm kills instead of farming during the early game. All the laners have to do is focus on last hits and prevent the opposing laner from getting last hits, protect your turret, and most importantly don’t die. You don’t need a power buff to last hit, you just need to be good at last hitting.

Taking the early game power buff is a crutch for the laner. It’s not really necessary for the carry until the team fighting phase.

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Huh I should try that…dunno why I never thought of it.
But then again, I’ve only played taku like once.

edit- BUT, you are likely to start with 2 weapon blades, and if you are going to gank at level 2, you are just going to have 2 weapon blades. Will your Kaku last long enough to make it to the brush? Idk

As @Bayou said , some laners like Ringo , SAW, Gwen would benefit from it early on and will have higher chances of drawing first blood.
And if the enemy laner decides to take it, but your laner doesn’t have it, then he’s going to have a tough time.

But tbh, it’s situational. If there’s krul, no matter wp or CP, I would definitely give the buff to him because the slow matters a lot for a krul, and likewise for Koshka.

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@Airalin Kaku duration doesn’t scale with CP…

Taco :T (30 characters oh my lyra)

I like to grab it if im mid lane, considering the amount of roations involved in comparison to top and bot. However, its situational - im not going to take it from a krul/rona/taka/etc

I uh…knew that…

let’s pretend this never happened

Laners shouldn’t be focused on early game kills. You’ll put yourself out of position for a gank if you are attempting that without a coordinated team.

You’re more likely to get early blood by letting your juggler like Kosha have it even if it’s WP because she has far superior dive and her early game role is built for ganking.

It’s important that your jungler keep up with farm as the game progresses, even better if they can get up on farm and early invade. Especially because front lining in the late game is a lot more difficult. Carries are only hurting themselves late game by farming out the jungler because they are gimping their frontline.

Of course, if your juggler isn’t rotating to assist. Then sure take farm so you can build faster to secure your lane, but in an idealized game, jungler and captains should farm jungle and laners should farm lane.

Of course, I’m not telling anyone how to play, but if a laner farms jungle then I would have no moral issues farming his lane to compensate.

The casual state of 5v5 is a perfect opportunity to watch how high tiers play. If your reasoning for letting the laner have the first buff is for an early game kill you’re relying on your opposing laner to be bad. Good laners can farm under turret 3v1. A single laner isn’t soloing a decent player in the early game. That goal is better done with the assist of a jungler and/or captain.