About Tier Decaying

Like is there a point where my tier decaying is gonna stop or its going to end up demoting me back to tier 1?
My 5v5 ranking is decaying since the 5v5 rank system started ( i was tier 8 silver and now i am close to t5 silver, almost decreased by 3 rank in 2 updates). i kinda wanna see how it’s going to end up but i am gonna have to rank up eventually anyways so the trade off might be not worth it consider lower tier offers next to none in level of skill and mechanics.

No idea why is that. I have an account I haven’t used in a really long time and it only dropped 2 or 3 subtiers and just stays there.

Dunno, when I stopped playing 3vs3 the decay also stopped when the season ended. I think it’s a season thing or smth, but defo there is a point where it stops and stays there.

I believe it depends on your rank as well as how long you don’t play for.

Unfortunately SEMC’s website does not say much on the subject, nor does it explain how the decay works to a T as they claim “it is dynamic”, so… Yeah.

If it helps, I’ve personally gone months at a time without playing and have never once decayed past T4. I could very well be wrong here, so don’t take this as fact, but I don’t believe your tier can naturally decay past the introductory new-player tier, which is T4. I think to go below T4 you have to play and perform terribly.

Edited for being wrong.

Edit 2: Turns out some of us have different points of which decay seemingly stops. So I guess I’m not as crazy as I thought.

I went to tier 3 after not playing Vainglory for 3 months straight

I edited my post to reflect your statement, that’s really interesting. What tier were you before you decayed there? I’ve never had this issue and I’ve had like, an 8 month hiatus at one point.

At some point it stops.

tier 8 silver before decay and tier 5 gold right now.

Damn, that’s a pretty huge tier decrease.

For whatever it’s worth, I haven’t played a ranked match in several months, and both my ranks appear to be frozen at T4 gold. :man_shrugging:


Thanks for that info, it’s nice to know I wasn’t completely insane.

Mine stops at t7 gold, at 1757 I think, hasn’t gone below that.

Tier 4 Gold. Alright I will update you ppls if it goes below that.

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I was teir 4 silver(lol the tier 4 SEA is a elo hell)

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It stops a maximum of two tiers below your hidden MMR.

This is called the decay floor.


My 3v3 rank stopped at 7 bronze, decaying from…7 bronze after reset, I haven’t played 3v3 ranked since like February - does that mean my MMR is 9?
Also I played a 3v3 ranked today and gained 42 elo :open_mouth:

Basically yes.

The elo gain is based on the difference between your current VST and your opponents VST - which is likely to be much higher when your VST and MMR are out of whack.


This would also explain why I usually gain 20-30 elo per win but lose 10-15 when I lose, correct?

I guess I should rank more.

If anyone’s interested
1540 and still decaying by 4 per day.

Edit : can I keep posting in here after a week or two or is this considered necro?

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Well. Rank Reset put me back to t6 gold.
Gonna stop posting in this thread create another one when the time comes.