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About Those Taka & Joule Skin Boxes


When they didn’t had any predatory tactics, no rng, no chests, etc - I spend on that game atleast 700$ in the years. The only ftp game I spend a dollar at and didn’t feel bad back then as I really loved and supported the fair monetization, good and unique gameplay, the tournaments, the big organizations, the great gfx without being heavy, even the UI. Ofc, now I feel that I should had put that money elsewhere… but yeah. :laughing:


I have 50 skins and the non duplicated seems 1:100. I think I’ve gotten the same rare BP 5 times in a row (no joke, the deadless reim).

On topic: the only chest worth opening is the golden one (with keys). It has a very high chance of dropping only the new content, which makes it the best one fore veterans. It also allows you to not having to buy those “deals”.


I’ve gotten like both of the Legendary skins for Takas more than twice each from random drops and the Blueprint Chests I get from the Battle Pass.

I don’t even play Taka and disliked him before the 3.10 rework that made him good and feel good to play as and againt. :expressionless:

I hace 122 out 163 in my inventory. Few of them are LE’s such as Rona’s, Lance’s and Kensei’s.

I only bought like 10 skins with ICE over the years, all direct purchases from ICE I bought on big discounts. The rest are all somehow ones I got through special cases or opening chests from free drops. Guess you can say I am one of those that tends to have Chests that says: “Here, have this thing you don’t have.”

Other than that, it is duplicate bonanza from my free stuff. A lot of which are Taka skins for some reason. :v


Most of my skins were unlocked due to content creation and some money every few month over the years of playing but since blueprints i have been buying deals for directs purchases recently since its the only way to maximise ice efficency. Some skins im just lucky with their loot box rng, it happens pretty often for me in a lot of cases.



The way I get skins nowadays (encompassing patch 3.8 to 3.10 only) is the Free and Battle Pass rewards.

These includes the skin at the Sunlight Level 100, the Blueprint Chests, the Rare & Epic keys, the Metal Keys - particularly the golden one, the random Blueprint and the Magnus skin which was a first for the Battle Pass.

I think the free skins I’ve gotten from this season’s Battle Pass prior to reaching Sunlight level 100 are Green Sparkler Skaarf (the one I like the most), Magnus’s Rare skin, Deathless Reim blueprint and Ice Age Glaive Legendary blueprint.

I got 5 Gold keys and Chests saved up for next patch cause I really want San Feng. If I’m lucky, maybe get the 4.0 skins too.


I actually fell for this and I felt really bad. I spent up till the 44th box (then ran out of ice) wanting to get the Snow Queen Celeste (sorry, quite off topic) but not getting the skin. Only to later realize, It’d have been wiser if I saved my ice and just waited for it to be available for direct purchase, or some other cool skins already for sale. I wasn’t being smart, I know. :frowning:

Don’t judge me but it may also be because I was feeling lucky that time that I got the Teddy Bear Joule after 2 pulls the past day or two. #sad

“Never again.” -I told myself. :triumph:


Yah, sadly that’s exactly what these things are set up to do … lure you into “just one more pull – I’m due!” #Gambler’sFallacy


I feel like a related problem with the ‘rng protection’ boxes is that, while you do get stuff from them while you’re pulling for your main objective, you don’t get the sense that you really earned that stuff, which lowers your satisfaction of it. Psychology tells us we appreciate things more when we save up and wait for them, so when you get a bunch of random loot that you weren’t expecting or really thinking about, you don’t appreciate it as much. I think this leads to people having an even more negative impression of the boxes than they might otherwise, because they overlook the things they actually do receive.

edit to add: I felt like a real douche saying “Psychology tells us…” as if that was a legit citation. But you know what I mean.


Because the stuff you get instead of the skin you are buying the box for is completely useless.


I mean even other skins though. Whatever the reward is, if someone didn’t save up for it, they have less emotional investment, so they tend to not appreciate it as much, or even really remember they got it. Which leads them to think the box was a really bad value.


the taka skin was too good to resist for me, which is super rare. Weirdly, i got it on 3rd pull


Nah, it was just a low probability – just under a 6:100 chance, actually.


I always buy 1 box just in case, you never know. Got the sp cath blue that way lmao


My son and daughter both did that with Summer Party Fortress – 1st pull for both of them. (I tried one box after they both got him – and I got a big nothing. Lol.)


Nice! Ha I try to be conservative with ice, but despite the infinite amount of essence from duplicates I get in reward chests, I do have rather decent luck.


I dont care about other skins, most of them are duplicated ones, and the exchange for duplicated items is honestly trash.


Quit being a grumpy gus, Guest. This isn’t about you and what skins you think are trash or not. I’m trying to post some less well-known reasons why the RNG boxes are unsatisfying for players. You saying things like “the stuff you get instead […] is completely useless” is both wrong and unhelpful lol.


I’m not saying skins are trash, I’m saying the duplicated compensation is. Sorry but I don’t see how 40 opals equal a legendary skin. You may prefer those opals, I prefer the skins. It’s unsatisfying because getting 20 essence, 20 opals or things like that just doesn’t make me want to open that chest.


C’mon. That’s not even what the point is.

I was trying to add something different to the conversation by looking at a less recognized, non-player-specific reason why the RNG system was unsatisfying. You responded with a blanket statement that all “the stuff you get instead of the skin you are buying the box for is completely useless.” The sixth post of this thread laid out how some of that “stuff” is skins and blueprints - things that almost any player would agree is not useless. So I reminded you of that, to which you responded that you were only talking about things that aren’t useful to you personally, like duplicates, the whole time.

… Why waste my time, man? Those are seconds of my life and attention I won’t get back because you don’t care about writing clearly for people interested enough to take the time to read what you think. Take the extra fifteen seconds to explain what you mean. Like, really. If you wanted to add to my point by saying “yeah, and another reason the RNG boxes aren’t great is because they have a lot of duplicates for long-time players, like me” that would be totally fine. We could have a conversation about that. But why the blanket statements about ALL rewards as if their value is absolute and applies to ALL players? Now we’re wasting a day of BOTH of our time just trying to hone in on what you actually meant.

You’re turning me into the high school teacher that you hated because I respond to what you said, not what you think you said. :kraken_sad_t1:


I honestly thought I explained it well enough. In my mind when I read this I think “the stuff you get from duplicated items (20-40 opals or essence) isn’t even near to have the value of what you are losing (the duplicated item)”.

No, I haven’t edited my comment and it literally says “the exchange for duplicated items”, not the items different to skins, so this time I worded it correctly. Again, the problem is the lack of value you get from duplicated items.

About the 6 comment: it’s true, no one is buying those chests for those rewards, so of course people is unsatisfied, it’s not like when you buy an epic chest that you just want things, when you buy those “deals” you are looking for something specific, anything outside of that is not what you are looking for, and in most cases people don’t care, so it lacks value.

Edit: when someone opens a chests and they get something different from the skin they are looking for, most people doesn’t think “oh, I’m so lucky, I got X”, no, most people think “damm, I wished it was the skin”.