About the weapon buff

Honestly the slow effect on it is just way too strong. Already stupidly bursty heroes who can attack quickly like Rona are even worse to deal with when you’re slowed the whole time. Lifesteal is not even half as broken as a constant shimmersteel. I honestly think either the CP buff needs a…buff/rework or wp buff needs some kind of nerf cause the slow is way too strong. I dunno what changes I would want, but Alpha, Rona, Krul, etc are abusing the crap out of WP buff.


Also I can’t wait for Alpha to get pummeled next patch…hopefully


Alpha is just one of those heros who need to be strong to be viable.


She isn’t just strong man… She is a first priority ban even after the nerfs.


She is a little oppressive, very difficult to escape from as a laner and if she catches you your as good as dead as you can’t burst her down twice…

I agree espcially early game were junglers early gank and bully. The slow is too much.

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Yeah, Alpha is either a 1-time ban or first pick, depending. Alpha is nuts right now in my experience.

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I kinda agree with you but also they could just reduce her sustain and that would be good enough.

I would like to see the CP buff provide attack speed and the WP buff provide cooldown. This creates a justification for any hero to take any buff.

The slow isn’t needed with the lane/jungle gold rebalance because junglers aren’t as dependent on ganking to keep up.

I like your suggestion but in most cases, I would say switch them.