About the The Salt Mine category


Feeling salty? You can be salty in here, but please keep the forum rules in mind.

People sometimes forget that this is still a public and (mostly) family friendly forum
Keep in mind:

  1. No player shaming
    People new to these forums might not know this but displaying your enemies name’s in a screenshot or on a post is not allowed when “bad-mouthing” them. Instead, blur out their names or just edit it out.
  2. No swearing or cursing
  3. No attacking of forumers
    When replying to fellow forumers do not personally attack or intentionally aggravate them. This will not help you at all. All you are doing is pushing away the people who want to help you and a mod will have to close the thread. If someone is bothering you then flag their post and the moderators will sort it out.

Threads in this Category are set to autolock after 24 hours since the last response to them.

What is "The Salt Mine" section actually about