About the Dear SEMC category


This category is for giving constructive, critical or otherwise feedback directed towards SEMC the developers of Vainglory.

As we are an unofficial forum we can’t promise that they will definitely engage with this, or even see it, but its great to be able to get stuff off your chest, and their customer services team is likely to keep an eye on this category in particular.

Please aim to keep your topic and any replies as constructive as possible. The more useful feedback is, the more likely it will be acted on, for example, low value feedback would look like this:
“Varya is too strong pls delete”
High value feedback would diagnose the problem and offer an solution:
“Varya is presently too strong particularly in her WP build path. This due to her perk allowing her to do two full strength basic attacks on a single target simultaneously. I’d reccomend that her second attack does reduced damage.”