About that new Gold Chest

Really curious about what rewards can you get from that chest. It’s probably one of the rarest chest in vainglory right now.
Anyone have any screenshots of what they got from the that chest. Would love to see how good these rewards are.
I did open one ( screenshot below) and got some ice which I consider to be real good reward.

last time i got epic bp and about 20opals

Pfft I hate privilege players who show off how lucky they’re.

I’m just kidding :grin: I’l almost never be lucky enough to get a gold chest and gold key but I’d like to see more screenshots of these gold chest too I am curious about the rewards so I’m just gonna comment. I

Four gold chests.
No keys
: ^)

Also quests should really drop keys. I get not wanting to put chests inside chests but keys do seem rarer as match rewards.


I got 340 glory, 249 essence and SP BF :slight_smile:
Really good chest.


Yis I have enough chars

Got better rewards in my silver chests, maybe I just got the worst drops because it was like two 200 Glory and two 200 essence.

8 gold chest… 10 bronze key. hehehehe

I don’t have a key for mine yet, but one of my friends got vox on ice, and the other got glory and essence

you can find the odds of the new chests on the same side that lists all the mystery chests.

you have a guaranteed bp from the NEWEST update in those chests. so maybe wait with opening them until there are a few bp in an update you really want.

there is also a chance of getting the newest hero.


You read it wrong. Its the entire skin not blueprint which is even better.

you are correct. well, it wouldnt really matter for me though…
i want to spend my essence :cry:

smh smh but now I feel bad for opening my gold chest in this update when there were no rare/epic skins… which should further lower the odds shouldn’t it? or does it mean that if I get that drop then I’ll get a guaranteed legendary… :thinking:

no idea. you would have to ask support about this one. but once i get the key to my gold chest (in one or two years), i will wait until there is a rare skin i want before i open the chest.
this way i will get the new skin for the new hero right away.

Hey what? They said Rare, epic or legendary skins, and the se ones? If they can’t give them… how the hell did I get one?

they probably gave it away, because there was no epic skin this update, if i recall that right. or se skins all count as legendary skins, regardless of how they are obtained later on.

or it was a bug…


Got some opals essence and kinetic’s new skin but I can’t seem to make her work

So I was correct blue prints for SE skins is bullshit. I knew it was just a placebo for them to show it. Again with SEMC lying

Where are they lying? That’s a pretty serious accusation to make – can you support it?