About crystal Vox

Varya is still dope as hell. Only thing they killed was her early game. However, let’s be real 4 shoting people that built aegis with a basic attack was broken AF. Although, I am bummed about them nerfing the range of her spear, I loved being able to peg people off screen.

Haha, but yes, oh how I missed thee crystal Vox. It is truly enjoyable melting teams. Have fun with it now, because he will surely get nerfed again and again.

Yeah but there are still people who keep complaining that ‘vox cp is still underpowered’ instead of ‘i dont know how to properly use Vox’

Every single match I have to fight against Vox cp my team always losing because our captain and jungler are surely lovey-dovey anf theh start to rage ping me ‘why arent you come in and play 3-some? You are f*cking beautiful, Celeste’

Have to abandoned 2 rank pick phase because the pick/ban person didnt pick Vox for me and let enemy team have him

Whoever complains about CP Vox being underpowered obviously has low IQ level.

Sshhhhh, the moderator can hear you :slight_smile:

Lets say that not everyone has a chance to meet a pro player who could use Vox efficiently and can dodge CC ability with his A. They have not faced the truth, they wont feel the pain.

OMG, it drives me nuts going against a cp vox and I try to split away from the group and half the team follows me!!!


Pretty sure he will be nerfed a bit, he deserves it.

pick saw to snowball him with your range mayb?? or a diver?

I have just played cp vox and it was quite fun. I followed the recomendation build bcause i still didnt know best cp build for vox. The hardest part is vox will depend on the minnion to bounce bcose the cp damage is on the bounces. I almost impossible to hit the enemy directly bcause the damage very small.

A diver. Saws not so good against cp vox on the lane, because Vox’s range is much further when he bounces of minions.

BF, Koshka, and Ozo are good against him though, provided you can block his wait for it and don’t get pealed.

We already disproved that plan over here: Is SEMC Greedy? An analysis of skin releases versus hero changes up to 2.5

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Too bad. SEMC is greedy due to the new blueprint system.

CP vox can easily be countered, he’s got really weak 1 v 1 damage so just don’t group up against him, rather take him on 1 v 1s and you will almost always come out on top. Basically every single hero can 1 v 1 cp vox and win, but if you want a sure counter weapon baron, ringo, celeste and cp skye come to mind, as you can use their range advantage. Also rona reim & krul are really good duellist and can literally walk up to him and 1 v 1 him easily.

Also when I say 1 v 1 , i mean 1 v 1. make sure to not fight him with allied heroes or ally minions nearby as he can auto attack allied heroes and minions and the bounces from them would hurt you.

Stay away from each other and try to pick a single target burst hero to delete vox.
He ain’t overpowered like wp varya last patch. He’s strong I agree but not unstoppable.

But your captain loves you so they always stick around your ass!
All hail LOVE!

He is strong, especially in 5vs5, but not unstoppable. CP Varya is quite good still, she is not killed. As for the OP(or atleast strong buff) hero when releasing expensive skin for him - this is valid and true, I am sure not only for VG

Its really not - there has been no statistically relevant association shown between skin buffs and hero buffs - I did the research.

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I read it after the post. My bad, statistically it’s not true and there is no correlation.

It’s true that they buffed Vox CP and released his skin.
But they nerfed Reza and Gwen to ensure those two would be useless in 3v3.
And now they released skins for those two.

Nah, they release expensive skins for under-powered heroes. What a weird marketing strategy!

Its more that there is no connection between their marketing team and their balance team - not even a physical one - they work in different buildings so rarely see each other.

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