About crystal Vox

He’s overpowered af!! Why did they bring him back?? His pick rate is going up by a zillion now! Thanks for killing Varya SEMC. :sob:

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Your welcome! It was pure pleasure killing Varya. About vox… just dive him, taka, koshka, reza, ozo, Rona, idris…

According to @idmonfish and most of people from T7 to below, he is not overpowered (don’t look at me I am totally oppose that). I believe those people love to build CP but play him like WP.

Well I think his basic damage must be changed from 50% CP to 75% then it is considered balance. But you know what? Idris has 75% CP on his perk, and just a bit CP Ratio from his B. Then wait what? Now Vox is gonna have more damage than Idris since he has bonus CP scale with level? Confusing!

Also, Varya is not quite bad in my opinion. It is now a high-risk-high-reward card in my sleeve. My build is: AC, BM, DE, AS/Shatterglass + 1 Defense Item. Mostly I use her when enemy doesn’t have hard CC. My playstyle is a mix with DPS + Shock damage from A + B + AA + A. You should try it

All I got from from that Varya build you just told me was 1 defense item.

Also how are you supposed to know if the enemy has hard CC or not? -_-


Vox is weak in jungle fight 1v1. Had no trouble wiping the floor with him when the game become jungle objective oriented @ 15 minute mark.

Apart from draft I meant…

Hard CC is stun, silenced, sleep, root. If enemy has a formation like Ringo carry, alpha jungle and fortress captain then they don’t have hard CC

Varya build: Alternating Current, Broken Myth, Dragon’s Eye, Aftershock/Shatterglass. Go for Aegis if eneny has Ardan/Catherine/etc. But if they dont have hard CC, go for Metal Jacket

Hoe he is weak in jungle fight? First, with Alternating Current, imagine his basic attack CP RATIO from 50% to 80%, nearly reach 100%. Then, remember the important point that you have to jump whrn you are sure that you could make your attacks bouces 4 times by doing that.

If fight in jungle, attack the crystal sentry if needed! Even no one has attacked it first

I’m T5 silver, so it’s possible my enemy Vox is just wack. I’d still stand my ground, though; it’s easier facing him in the jungle than in the lane, the lacks of minion waves makes his Resonance less impactful.

No energy items? Wtf?..

No need, her Energy Regen is pretty high, just wait around 20s and you will have full energy again.

There is a reason I add Aftershock to this, it provides CD + energy needed + shock damage for Arc Combo. If you want to use A frequenly, buy Aftershock + Halcyon Boots and overdrive A + B. This will make your B’CD become 10s and your A becomes 3s so you can cast skills more frequenly

It’s all in the plan.
They make a hero OP so their pickrate goes through the roof, then they release a skin for that hero so tons of people buy it.

Nah, facing him in jungle mostly result in 2v2 or 3v3, sometimes including Miner/Sentry. A pro vox alway attack the sentry, not the heroes

Varya is still dope as hell. Only thing they killed was her early game. However, let’s be real 4 shoting people that built aegis with a basic attack was broken AF. Although, I am bummed about them nerfing the range of her spear, I loved being able to peg people off screen.

Haha, but yes, oh how I missed thee crystal Vox. It is truly enjoyable melting teams. Have fun with it now, because he will surely get nerfed again and again.

Yeah but there are still people who keep complaining that ‘vox cp is still underpowered’ instead of ‘i dont know how to properly use Vox’

Every single match I have to fight against Vox cp my team always losing because our captain and jungler are surely lovey-dovey anf theh start to rage ping me ‘why arent you come in and play 3-some? You are f*cking beautiful, Celeste’

Have to abandoned 2 rank pick phase because the pick/ban person didnt pick Vox for me and let enemy team have him

Whoever complains about CP Vox being underpowered obviously has low IQ level.

Sshhhhh, the moderator can hear you :slight_smile:

Lets say that not everyone has a chance to meet a pro player who could use Vox efficiently and can dodge CC ability with his A. They have not faced the truth, they wont feel the pain.

OMG, it drives me nuts going against a cp vox and I try to split away from the group and half the team follows me!!!


Pretty sure he will be nerfed a bit, he deserves it.