… it is super crazy fun. That is all. :rbgwen:


I got handed two champs I’d never played before in three matches this morning: Poppy (never played: got an A-), Akali (got an A), and Leona (never played, got a C+). We won 2 out of 3! So much fun!

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Well, ARURF has been much less fun today. I’ve been getting matched with people of about my skill/XP level, but we’re going up against teams whose average player level is 100-200 (or even more) higher than ours. Worse, the last match we faced a team where 4 of the five players were at mastery level 5 or above (including 2 mastery 7s) on their heroes.

Needless to say, it’s been a defeating morning. (Also, each match has had at least one whiny player on our team, requiring muting. Ugh.)