A way to bring NullWave Gauntlet back into the limelight

One way to make it popular is:

•Allow it to disable item passives such as capacitor plate ect

•Shorter cooldown

•idk u tell me if u got a better idea

Full on silence!
Make it a linear cast like Vox’ Ult.

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Yup make it a full on silence of abilites and Items…

It’s such an interesting item but one I rarely ever build.

Let it empower my basic attacks so I can punch with it.

Silencing passives since like a great idea. Especially with the new items.

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i thibk silencing abilities would be good. however, a full silence would destroy mages if you chain them, so no ty to a full silence

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Silencing abilities and items would be pretty much taking Cath’s ult and making it an item (even though it’s not aoe). It needs to be different imo.

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Grace laughs as she AAs you to your death XD

It doesn’t need any of the above it’s just too expensive if you want a cooldown utility item there is many that provide the same amount of cooldown reduction but they’re 200 to 300 gold cheaper.