A very specific theme request


Would you please consider creating a theme featuring this background image?


I second this! This is so cool.


Make this the default theme here, also really want this cuz it may actually be a background that looks decent on phone


Is that a new Ozo skin? :vgcharms:


Ozo’s Mother. . . and We all know Ozo’s Father is King Kong right?


should be :smiley: variant of it atleast (male, to match his gender).


I still feel like we should be able to use custom themes, but the mods are good about keeping them up-to-date and fresh. Neat image.


You know you can choose from several backgrounds (which are actually separate themes based on our main theme, which is called Vincent) in your user preferences, right?

Discourse doesn’t support users creating their own themes, but in the not-too-distant future, Discourse themes will be able to implement user-selectable theme components such as font size, etc., so more options to customize things will eventually be available.


For anyone that doesn’t know, this was the original background of the original forums. Just thought it’d be a funny way to share it. :v:


I knew you could change it, yes. I think I misspoke, I was talking about the backgrounds. I’d like to choose my own from my computer or phone or whatever, but of course, I know Discourse has its limitations.

Also I think it’s neat that it’ll be even more customizable. Custom font size will be cool.


That’s the figure on the ‘accept match’ screen, no?


It very well might be. 30 characters