A thread for Skin concept ideas

This is a thread for ppl who have good skin ideas and want SMEC to make it happen or just don’t have artistic skills to draw it. These concept ideas are all free to use. And you are definitely welcomed to post more ideas. I’ll be working on some of those as well.

Alright, here we go:

Seven sins skin series (grumpjaw can be gluttony, Celeste can be pride, ozo can be greed, Koshka can be envy, glaive can be wrath, phinn can be sloth and black feather can be lust)

CandyLand Rona, her weapons are two giant lollipops

Arcade game skin series, this one is kinda broad, everyone can have this skin.

Arch mage Lyra

Apocalypse Saw, Apocalypse Taka, Apocalypse Kestrel. You know, kill zombies.

Undead krul, undead churnwalker, you know.

Toy box skaarf, toy box phinn, toy box fortress, toy box petal, toy box flicker, just like toy box alpha but in a cute way

Evolve alpha (white themed with a hint of blue, very futuristic)

Thunderstorms Reza

Dragon scale lorelai, dragon scale adagio

Steel age blackfeather, steel age ardan

Party hard alpha (I had this one in my mind for a while, it’s basically league of legend’s party amumu skin(check that one out). They have similar new effects. I’m working on it.)

Hellfire skaarf

Witch trial or judgement hour kestrel and Gwen, 1780s witch hunters.

Adventurer Vox, adventurer idiris

New star Lyra (I had this one in my mind for a long time as well. It’s like the opposite of star queen Celeste. Star queen Celeste symbolizes death and destruction, new star Lyra symbolizes the beginning of life or a star)

Ride or die petal, ride or die ozo, lul

Any ideas are welcomed. The more the better. Be sure to be detailed.

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Ninja idris. Idris is decked out as a ninja instead of a glowing blade it is just a sword tied to a stick


Incinerator SAW with StarCraft like armor and incendiary bullets.
Tank or Spank Joule (literally a tank)
Night Shadow Blackfeather


Wildboar Grumpjaw, Grim Reaper Baptiste, Playboy Bunny Gwen, Blackclaw Skaarf.


Mmm :smile: you know me bro.


I like this one. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Also Sadistic jailor cathrine, catnip :^) koshka, single mom lyra…

Pirate Catherine. Amazone Rona. Amazone Kestrel.

Metallic churn infested Lorelai.

Flying squirrel Ozo

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Acrobat taka and koshka due to the spins and flips
Cowboy churnwalker
Nightshadow Samuel and Reza
Adult skaarf but idk how they’d pull the size off
Kaiju grump

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Can we get a demon Skye instead of mech armor she is a big demon that shoot black energy instead of bullets or missle her ult could be meteors


I want MILF Lyra

and Sugar daddy Reim/Reza

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Only if we get a jailbait gwen

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I would like to see a female Grangor character (Mrs. Glaive) Also they should create characters with different body types like tall or fat.

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Valkyrie & Paladin Catherine.
Stormguard Grace, Joule, Koshka (inspired by Hybrider drawings).
Adagio theme for Skaarf and Skaarf theme for Adagio.
Mermaid Adagio.
Medusa/Dragon Lorelai.
Swamp Phinn, Lorelai.
Churn Krul.

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I want a sentient slime nigh immortal everyone get stuck when it makes contact.

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lmao Single mom Lyra the f you have in your head.
So maybe, Samuel could the best friend of Lyra’s son…
And we know how the lore could continue with this :slight_smile: :droplet:

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Fisherman Churnwalker

De-volution Ardan ( magic instead of tech )


Let’s not make things worse by stating that she never gave birth and that that has perks…

yup had to cross the line


And maybe Jaeger Joule, Cagefighter Tony, SkaarfBorg, GrumpBorg, Elite Force Skye and World at War Baron, Joule, SAW, Skye

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Vengeful Celeste (Continuation to the Star Queen III, Gythia manages to overthrow Celeste. She is pretty much Storm Queen tyranny + Rebellion Celeste/Star Queen I)
Vengeful Catherine (The last loyal guard of the former queen.)

i am bad at making skin names

Ideas for the art (Celeste):

  • A bloody blindfold instead of the masked crown
  • Her staff will be snapped and red crystals are carelessly placed around the top
  • Armor with a black hole insignia will accompany a ripped up dress
  • A raven sits on top of her staff

Ideas for the art (Cath):

  • She’ll wear her mercenary uniform, however, there is noticeable wear and tear on it
  • Her shield will be similar to her tier three skin, but its become rusty and broken
    -idk anymore
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Tomato Farmer Celeste

  • Wears a straw hat and carries a Pitchfork
  • Wears a farm dress
    *Auto attacks are tiny cherry tomatoes

Particle effects


  • Drops ripe red tomatoes onto the field
    *Recasting the ability on a tomato causes it to explode

Core Collapse

  • Drops a barrel of Tomatoes in the target directions which than explode

Solar Storm:

  • Launches a barrage of Tomatoes in the target direction which impact and spat against the first enemy hero, structure or epic monster.