A Statement About The Upcoming Changes in 3.8

There have been a lot of opinions on the upcoming changes and the meta they will shape, most of which seems to be confusion & disbelief. Let me say the first thing that we noticed about the notes: these are big changes.

There have been lots of times with patches past where big changes have shifted & shaped the game in ways players didn’t expect. In fact, most of the times, our predictions about what the notes would mean for the game did not exactly match up to the update, or were vastly underestimated.

With the upcoming changes, I think we should all take a pause and wait & see how they shape things before we make strong conclusions about how things will turn out at update. Most people aren’t good at figuring out what a few number changes mean for hero dynamics alone, and these are much more than just a few numbers.

Idk, it just doesn’t seem all that easy to tell how every dynamic is gonna play out. Yes we can tell heroes will be easier to kill and harder to defend, but also abilities will be less available, as well, so maybe AA tradeoff’s and mechanics will be refocused for everybody? But that’s a broad guess and it doesn’t take in the individual hero changes. Point being: with the coming update, I think we should step back from our verdicts on what’s gonna happen as if they are set in stone, at the least because rarely have they been so in the past.


Let us pause, to meditate on this moment.


Totally agreed. I said on another thread, I don’t like some/many of those changes, but I am not judging because they might interact with some other new changes in a way I do not expect. So I agree we need to test first and judge and discuss later.

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This patch’s non hero & item balance is fantastic, it’s just the hero and items that really disgusted me.

This reminds me before cp was awakened from slumber when energy was buffed. Nerfing energy again scares me, I don’t want cp to go back into slumber again. Ironically, these couple of patches had both paths really fun somehow. I hope it plays out well.