A Shoutout to a Group of Artists

Once upon a time, when the clock was a half of a day earlier or so as of this post, I was watching a YouTube video, which will be shown below, for entertainment purposes. Bonus shoutout lul

whether it be by luck or by fate, I suddenly had an interest in Moko’s Advice, the game shown in the video. I checked out the game, and I had just as much entertainment playing it was watching it be played. I went to the creator’s profile and played some more of their games. All of the sudden, I was enthralled by their works. Because of that, I wish to spread the word so that these folks could get the love and support they deserve.

tl;dr, support PortraitProphecies and/or spread the word so that these lovely folks get the love they deserve, or at the very least, go to the link down below and enjoy their works.
Note: Link is a hub of where they post their stuff.