A Quick Appreciation Post

I haven’t seen anyone mention it but how cute are these Halloween themed hats ???

Take notes SEMC

I just wanted to give a shout out to our @moderators , thank you all. Constantly updated backgrounds, the Team Gwen / Team Reza icons, and these Halloween additions - you never cease to add small splashes of yourselves in these forums and I think I can speak for a good amount of us when I say that we appreciate it.

Carry on.

You heard of the Headless Horseman, now get ready for the Headless Sombra !! Ooky spooky Halloween!! :jack_o_lantern:


Also, did anyone else notice the direction of the hat changes or am I crazy :joy:

Looks like Left, Left, Right repeated down a thread, in case I’m not the only one


Cute? i guess so. but it took me a while to realize it’s a halloween hat, with the black themed background and the Hat being overwhelmingly large.

could’ve made it orange or something. and slightly smaller? or higher?

Cries in mobile

I saw them on my laptop earlier, I was wondering when someone was going to say something. Super cute!


Which background do you have ? All the darker ones that I tried seem to be fine and the black of the hat doesn’t really blend in with the grey text boxes of previous messages, albeit I keep my laptop at a decently high brightness.

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Is that the app or through the internet on your mobile ?

Uhh I visited the page so much on browser it asked me if I wanted to add it to my homescreen. It shows up like an app, but if I swipe the screen up, the normal browser stuff doesn’t appear like this.

In conclusion I have no idea

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:joy: It’s the browser, just a shortcut. I wonder if they show in the app

That’s so weird, I’ve never had another site do this. I was so confused but I just kinda went with it lol. For some reason using the forums on regular browser with the bar thingies is so much harder than this shortcut so I guess I figured it was something different.

I wish more sites and forums did this. Its such a good idea!

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it’s black, so that black hat is perfectly camouflaged against it.

It happens for twitter as well.

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